Bain: Romney caught Lying Again & Again & Again...

Mike Papantonio, Host, Ring of Fire Radio, joins Thom Hartmann. Mitt Romney has lied his way through the Presidential campaign - and he just can't seem to stop. What's he accused of lying about now - and can this modern day Pinocchio really be America's next President? As financial documents filed in 2003 - and obtained by the Boston Globe - show - Romney still owned 100% of Bain Capital as recently as 2002 - and even earned at least $100000 as an executive at Bain in 2002 - three year after Romney claims he had left the business. So now we can add lying about his tenure at Bain to the long list of other Romney lies, just as voters are demanding the truth about Romney's several offshore bank accounts and how he's using them to avoid paying taxes.

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