Full Show 4/24/12: The End of ALEC?

Guest host Sam Sacks asks why ALEC, the ultimate lobbyist group, is exempt from paying taxes. Also discussed: our nation's next economic disaster (college debt), and when will our representatives start representing the people and start taxing and regulating marijuana like alcohol. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom discusses the dangers of austerity and what it's doing to many European nations.

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Why the Web of Life is Dying...

Could you survive with just half of your organs? Think about it. What if you had just half your brain, one kidney, half of your heart, one lung, half a liver and only half of your skin? It would be pretty hard to survive right? Sure, you could survive losing just one kidney or half of your liver, but at some point, losing pieces from all of your organs would be too much and you would die.