Full Show - 5/13/11. Conversations with Great Minds & Weekly Rumble

Thom is joined by economist and author, Richard Wolff for "Conversations with Great Minds". In the first half hour, they discuss Wolff's latest book which highlights that deep economic structures—the relationship of wages to profits, of workers to boards of directors, and of debts to income—account for the economic crisis. Later in the show, Thom leads a panel discussing the week's hottest news topics in the "Weekly Rumble".

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Why the Web of Life is Dying...

Could you survive with just half of your organs? Think about it. What if you had just half your brain, one kidney, half of your heart, one lung, half a liver and only half of your skin? It would be pretty hard to survive right? Sure, you could survive losing just one kidney or half of your liver, but at some point, losing pieces from all of your organs would be too much and you would die.