The Good, The Bad, and The Very, Very Argillaceously Ugly....

The Good! The People of Bulgaria. After years of crippling austerity that's taken the unemployment rate to nearly 12%, the people of Bulgaria rose up and said they're finished with the Conservative austerity regime. And after days of anti-austerity protests rocking the country - the pro-austerity Bulgarian government formally resigned and called for new elections. As the outgoing Prime Minister said..."I can't watch as fences go up around Parliament. If the people want the government to resign then the state needs a new vote of confidence, so the people will decide how the government continues from now on." This is how organized people take down the banksters. And we should be paying attention here in the United States.

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Why the Web of Life is Dying...

Could you survive with just half of your organs? Think about it. What if you had just half your brain, one kidney, half of your heart, one lung, half a liver and only half of your skin? It would be pretty hard to survive right? Sure, you could survive losing just one kidney or half of your liver, but at some point, losing pieces from all of your organs would be too much and you would die.