Lugar/Murdoch - The Banksters vs Big Box Retailers

The Republican Party kicked another moderate to the curb last night. After 35 years of serving in the Senate - Indiana Senator Dick Lugar lost a primary battle Tuesday night to Wall Street's candidate, Tea Party Republican challenger Richard Mourdock. Mourdock attacked Lugar for crossing the aisle to support the auto bailout, the START nuclear treaty, and President Obama's Supreme Court nominees, but Lugar's real crime was voting on the side of the Big Box retailers to put a ceiling on how much Banks could charge the stores in credit card fees. That vote cost the banksters $16 billion, and, to get revenge, they showered money on Mourdock, using conservative blogs like Red State, K street hacks, and funding millions in TV advertising in Indiana. As Politico pointed out, "The banking industry is making an example of Sen. Dick Lugar." Now Lugar will probably follow in the footsteps of Indiana's past four senators and become a millionaire lobbyist himself. As for Mourdock - he plans on carrying the banksters water all the way to Congress and not compromising. I guess when you're an agent of the banks - there's no room to compromise. But here's the bigger picture and what it means for our democracy...

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