Sensata Worker Outsourced by Bain Speaks Out

Cheryl Randecker, Sensata worker whose job is being outsourced. Aside from his offshore tax havens - Romney also wants people to ignore what's happening at a factory in Freeport, Illinois. That factory belongs to Sensata Technologies - or at least it did - until Mitt Romney's Bain Capital took it over. And with Bain Capital in charge - all 170 workers at that factory are about to lose their jobs. Over the last few months - Sensata workers have been watching chunks of their factory packaged up and shipped off to China - and all their jobs will be following suit by the end of the year thanks to a decision made by Mitt Romney's Bain Capital. Romney doesn't want you to know this is happening - especially since he's running as the guy who will create 12 million AMERICAN jobs in his first term. But those workers at Sensata do want you to know what's going on.


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brett.iso 2 years 1 week ago

Sensata workers in Freeport, IL receive a visit by French Samsonite workers at "Bainport" today. Dick Durbin to visit Tuesday and Al Sharpton on Saturday.

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"Bainport," gains national attention with Senator Dick Durbin's visit.

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From :

"In response to tonight’s live broadcast of The Ed Show, Sensata has sent workers home and closed the plant for the entire weekend, barricading the entrances and telling 2nd shift workers not to report. An incredibly clear expression of the needless fear coming from Sensata about the worker movement for a just severance package."