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Thursday 15 September '11 show notes

Wednesday 14 September '11 show notes

  • Congressman Peter DeFazio, (D-OR, 4th District). New plan to keep Social Security solvent revealed.
  • Larry Cox, Amnesty International. Troy innocent man may DIE...abolish the death penalty?
  • John Nichols, The Nation Magazine.

Tuesday 13 September '11 show notes

  • Geoff Holtzman, Talk Radio News Service. Reporting from Tampa on GOP debate, round 2.
  • David Vines, Political Science Major-University of Wisconsin. Latest on war on democracy-University of Wisconsin under fire.
  • Anthony Summers. The Eleventh Day: The full story of 9/11 and Osama bin Laden.
  • Maggie Fox, Al Gore's Climate Reality Project.

Monday 12 September '11 show notes

  • Recollections and consequences of 9/11.
  • Pam Geller. Legacy of 9/11 and the "business of hate".
  • Robert Greenwald, Brave New Foundation.

Friday 9 September '11 show notes

Thursday 8 September '11 show notes

  • Bill Press, The Bill Press Show. GOP debate analysis.
  • Matthew Vadum, author of the new book "Subversion, Inc." Why do some conservatives think that "Registering the Poor to Vote is UnAmerican?"
  • Cambridge University's Professor Peter Wadhams.

Wednesday 7 September '11 show notes

  • Chuck Zlatkin, NY Metro Area Postal Union. S.O.S. for the U.S.P.S.?
  • Cliff Schecter, Libertas, LLC. Transforming America.
  • Earnest Istook, Former Congressman (R-OK) & Distinguished Scholar - Heritage Foundation. It's plans?!
  • Bumper Music:

Tuesday 6 September '11 show notes

  • James Hoffa, International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Standing up for working Americans.
  • Tom Linzey, Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund. Fighting back against Citizens United one community at a time.
  • Ari Berman, Rolling Stone Magazine.

Friday 2 September '11 show notes

Thursday 1 September '11 show notes

  • Phil Kerpen, Vice President/Policy - Americans for Prosperity. Corporate tax dodgers.
  • Seton Motley, President - Less Government. D-O-J says N-O-T to AT&T.
  • Geeky Science rocks! your genes?
  • Bill McKibben, Keystone XL pipeline...climate change-Irene a wake up call?
  • Ken Blackwell, Save Our Secret Ballot.

Wednesday 31 August '11 show notes

  • Bill Press, host of The Bill Press Show, in for Thom.
  • John Nichols, The Nation Magazine. The chapter that went missing from Dick Cheney's book.
  • Sam Pizzigati, Institute for Policy Studies. Explosive new report - CEO's rewarded for tax dodging.
  • Eric Burns, Bullfight Strategies.

Tuesday 30 August '11 show notes

Monday 29 August '11 show notes

  • Brian Hughes, The Washington Examiner. Is it Obama's bad economy now...majority of Americans still say Bush to blame.
  • Robert Greenwald, founder of Brave New Films. What are the Kochs up to now?
  • Gretchen Hamel, Public Notice.

Friday 26 August '11 show notes

Thursday 25 August '11 show notes

  • Will Bunch, Media Matters. The real Reagan legacy.
  • Ben Manski, Democracy Convention. Fighting the war on Democracy...1st national Democracy Convention.
  • Stephen Webster, Raw Story. BART police vs. Anonymous in San Francisco.
  • Geeky Science rocks! Fukushima fallout's electric signature.
  • John Deans, Greenpeace.

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