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Friday 21 January '11 show notes

  • Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), "Brunch With Bernie".
  • "Anything Goes on Townhall Fridays".
  • Bob Edgar, President and CEO of Common Cause. Letter sent to DOJ re: Justices Scalia & Thomas conflict of interest re: Citizen's United ruling.
  • Robert Weissman, President, Public Citizen.

Thursday 20 January '11 show notes

  • On the 50th anniversary of JFK's inaugural speech, how are we doing as a nation
  • veteran journalist/author Reese Erlich, author of The Iran Agenda: The Real Story of U.S. policy and the Middle East Crisis. Iran hostage crisis-did Ronald Reagan cut a deal and steal the election from Jimmy Carter?
  • Dr.

Wednesday 19 January '11 show notes

  • Is the healthcare debate hurting Republicans? Has China won? What about the Banksters?
  • James Delingpole, Self described "Libertarian conservative" British author/columnist who's work appears in The Times, The Daily Telegraph, and The Spectator. "365 Ways to Drive a Liberal Crazy"
  • Dr.

Tuesday 18 January '11 show notes

  • What is the "liberal agenda?"
  • Eric Boehlert, Senior Fellow - Media Matters for America. What happens when the right wing targets you?
  • Reason Foundation Director of Transportation Studies Robert Poole. Should the TSA be privatized...yes or no?
  • Clip: Theodore Roosevelt.

Monday 17 January '11 show notes

  • How are we doing toward reaching MLK's vision of a just and peaceful society?
  • Doug Cunningham of Worker's Independent News. Labor report - MLK and the connection to Labor?
  • Dr. Mike Newcomb, Host of the Mike Newcomb Show on 1480AM KPHX in Phoenix. Is Jan Brewer turning Arizona into America's Somalia?

Friday 14 January '11 show notes

Thursday 13 January '11 show notes

  • Are Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, and the rest of the gang guilty of something called stochastic terroism?
  • Wayne Root, Entrepreneur, 2008 Libertarian Party vice-presidential candidate and a front runner for the 2012 Presidential nomination; author of 7 books-latest is “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts”.

Wednesday 12 January '11 show notes

  • Has Paul Krugman committed blood libel against Sarah Palin?
  • Robyn Thomas, Attorney and Executive Director-Legal Community Against Violence. Rep. Carolyn McCarthy's high-capacity gun magazine legislation scheduled to be introduced today.
  • Patricia Maisch, AZ Businesswoman/Giffords supporter who helped tackle the gunman, wrestled clip away as he tried to reload.

Tuesday 11 January '11 show notes

  • Giffords shooting and the best of the rest of the news.
  • John Valleco, Director of Federal Affairs, Gun Owners of America. In light of the Arizona tragedy, is it time for tougher gun control laws?

Monday 10 January '11 show notes

  • Why is the right more inclined to violence than the left?
  • Mark Potok, Director, Intelligence Project-Southern Poverty Law Center. Giffords shooting, hate groups.
  • Lee Fang, Reporter/blogger at Think Giffords shooting and SarahPAC.
  • Zaid Jilani, Reporter/Blogger-Think Giffords spoke out against "Brewercare".

Thursday 6 January '11 show notes

  • Rick Jacobs of the Courage Campaign. Is Daryl Issa offering democracy up to the highest bidder?
  • Brian Blase of the Heritage Foundation. Will health care be available only to the wealthy in America soon?
  • Matt Taibbi, Investigative Reporter, Rolling Stone Magazine; Author of "Griftopia". The Crying Shame of John Boehner.

Wednesday 5 January '11 show notes

  • Members of Congress will be sworn in today – and Republicans will officially begin their rule over the 112th session of the United States House of Representatives.
  • Dan Gainor of the Business and Media Institute. Is the honeymoon over before it begins? Health care.
  • Steven Marks, homeowner (in Reno, NV) seeking debt relief, fighting Bank of America over mortgage ownership. "Honey, I Shrunk the Credit Score".

Tuesday 4 January '11 show notes

  • Professor of Economics Michael Hudson, President of The Institute for the Study of Long-Term Economic Trends (ISLET). Tax cuts, the new global elite and the new international oligarchy.
  • Walid Shoebat, former terrorist turned law enforcement consultant and author of "Why We Want to Kill You". The "business" of fear.
  • Max Blumenthal, author of Republican Gomorrah: Inside The Movement That Shattered The Party. "The Great Islamophobic Crusade".

Monday 3 January '11 show notes

  • 61% of Americans want tax hikes on the wealthy...time for change?
  • Rebecca Wales, Spokesperson and Vice President for Smart Girl Politics. Are we headed for a major battle with the Tea Party over the Constitution?
  • Congressman Peter DeFazio. What's ahead for the new Congress with the GOP in charge?
  • Bumper Music:

Thursday 30 December '10 show notes

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