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Wednesday 18 April '12 show notes

  • Voter Fraud uncovered...guess who?
  • Alexander Furnas, Internet researcher & open Internet advocate / Contributor-The Atlantic. Has "thought crime" become a reality for TSA?
  • Lee Fang, Progressive victory on ALEC and guns.
  • Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH).

Tuesday 17 April '12 show notes

  • Republican Dirty Tricks
  • Carrie Lukas, Independent Women's Forum.

Monday 16 April '12 show notes

  • Does Ahmadinejad support Karl Rove & Mitt Romney?
  • Professor John Ellis, CA Association of Scholars (CAS).

Friday 13 April '12 show notes

Thursday 12 April '12 show notes

  • What defines fascism and is time to call the Republicans fascists?
  • Curtis DuBay, Heritage Foundation.

Wednesday 11 April '12 show notes

  • The Republicans are lying again...
  • Alan Korwin, Bloomfield Press. Debate-Castle Doctrine & Stand Your Ground Laws.
  • Dr. Irva Hertz Picciotto, Department of Public Health Sciences, University of California, Davis.

Tuesday 10 April '12 show notes

  • Zimmerman had the rules of engagement wrong.
  • Maggie Gallagher, National Organization for Marriage. Will the Courts declare DOMA unconstitutional?
  • Rand Simberg, Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI).

Monday 9 April '12 show notes

  • The tipping point that could unite both parties.
  • Dr. Robert Zubrin, The New Atlantis.

Friday 6 April '12 show notes

Thursday 5 April '12 show notes

  • A well oiled machine that doesn't depend on facts...
  • Kenneth Chamberlain, Jr. and his attorney Randolph McLaughlin.

Wednesday 4 April '12 show notes

  • Jamie Weinstein, The Daily Caller. Drug test America's biggest welfare queens...banksters & oil barons.
  • Stuart Wexler, investigative researcher / co-author (w/Larry Hancock)-The Awful Grace of God.

Tuesday 3 April '12 show notes

  • Peter Ferrara, Carleson Center for Public Policy. Is Ryan's budget social Darwinism?
  • Van Jones, Rebuild the

Monday 2 April '12 show notes

  • John Nichols, The Nation Magazine. Walker Recall & Tuesday's WI primary.
  • Dan Gainor, Business and Media Institute.

Friday 30 March '12 show notes

Thursday 29 March '12 show notes

  • Tom Balanoff. Janitors struggle while building owners profit...
  • Arlen Specter, former U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania (R, then D). Life Among the Cannibals...
  • Scott Horton, Harpers Magazine / Attorney specializing in international law & human rights.

The No BS Guide To The Upcoming Jill Stein Recount

It's almost like they have something to hide.

With one Jill Stein-led recount effort already underway in Wisconsin and additional recounts pending in Michigan and Pennsylvania, supporters of Donald Trump are now taking legal action to stop what they say is a baseless attempt to smear their candidate.

In Pennsylvania, Trump himself has joined up with the local Republican Party to block Jill Stein's request for a recount.

In Wisconsin, Trump Super PACS are doing the dirty work and have asked a federal judge to stop what they say is a violation of due process rights.

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