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A bought off, greedy, profit hound!


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She's confused and too manic

She's confused and too manic to truly understand anything.


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Seems like a nice girl

Seems like a nice girl but.....


She is barely a notch above Melissa Hasselbeck on the reality check. What planet do you have to live on not to know that all these supply side talking points are a myth and self –destructive?


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  Ms Lukas always take the

  Ms Lukas always take the tact that government is the "alien other" and is always out to interrupt our freedoms.Thom almost gets to the heart of the argument when he points out that government is designed to be the voice of the people, and that business gains its charter only from government. But as soon as Ms Lukas insists that any regulation of business is akin to freedom loving entrepeneurs being repressed by an alien entity Thom fails to follow up that she is still using government as an alien entity. Instead Thom should again point out that government should be the public discussion on how to best charter business. Instead Ms Kukas is allowed onward with her delusion of business as the primary representation of a free marketplace, and government as an "after the fact" repressive force upon it