China to kick America's butt

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I have been living in China from sometime now, And in 5-10 years china's infrastructure will be better than the US. As America's basic infrastructure crumbles China is massively building. There are thousands of major construction projects that employs people and creates long term transportation, communication, and industry employment. I only see the public construction, not the military construction but I assume it is being developed at the same rate or more.

The civic planning of china also plans for social unrest. From a security perspective people control is paramount. ( China has a a lot of people, most Americans do not really realize how many ). I have studied both physical and electronic security. And the US is very vulnerable to even a little social unrest. ( Tea Party, armed unrest ). The US is too dependent upon efficient food transportation. In China most food is grown local and sold local, In the US most food is shipped. If there is a “crack” the system, China would fair better.

Thom -> China educational system is not that good. It is very good for memorizing but not good for correlation and creative thinking. And even primary school cost money if you want a good education. The difference is China is divided into two segments of society the educated and the uneducated. The uneducated work at the factories and small shops for low wages. The educated work in offices for low wages. The CEO's here also make the big money.

Apr. 14, 2010 3:30 pm


There is no way that China will rise to the level of the U.S. simply because nothing we, as in all of humanity, do is sustainable. China simply has too many people and the world has finite resources that have been and are being squandered in growing the global economy and it would require multiple earths to provide the resources required to allow the Chinese, and Indians, and the rest of the world to reach the lifestyle enjoyed by Americans, which is impossible. The eventual result of China growing its huge population, as it has rescinded it one-child policy to grow its population, and growing its economy is environmental collapse. Right now China can't feed itself and grow its economy, it must lease land in other countries to meet its food needs. Add to that that its farming practices are increasing desertification and depleting groundwater. China is also using resources for its own use thus rendering them useless for others, such as the Mekong.

China is a threat simply because it has too many people that demand a better life and China will be forced to do what it must to meet demands, otherwise the government will collapse. To survive China will devastate other countries to provide for its people and eventually degrade the environemnt to the point of failure. Of course, China is not the only threat, it is all people who refuse to reduce human population through not conceiving and use less.

China will kick our butt alright, but in doing that it will kick its own. It can't survive its own success and neither can the world.

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Jul. 31, 2007 3:01 pm

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