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I asked a buddy of mine that has always been a staunch Democrat what his feeling on the new law passed in AZ as he is there and lives with it. This guy is an employer and about as far away from racist as one could get. We have many many differing opinions about politics, gun ownership, etc...and he will pull no punches with me.

His response:

"The scoop down here is that our border is a revolving door for illegal's. The people down here support this, even legal hispanics feel the illegal's are taking jobs and are dead weight. The job market is tilted and wages low because of the people willing to work dirt cheap. If Obama wants to help the unemployment problem he should start with this first!!

The new law is very basic, i listened to our sheriff Arpio talking about it and all it really is that the police have the right to stop you and ask for ID. no big deal very basic if not misused by ass hole cops but yes it helps profiling, but how do you catch illegal's when you don't profile (I would rather be a profiler than stupid)

This attention is from a small group making a loud noise about nothing. They should focus their attention on the officials they elected both here and south of the border that are in control of legalized citizenship. This is a mandatory process that is not hard unless you are a criminal or illiterate. We have 500,000 illegal's in this state and the rest of the country needs to step up and realize this is a national problem not local. But yet the war at our border is left to our local police our Jails and the defunct Minutemen. Where the fuck is the National Guard?

Apr. 1, 2010 10:12 am


The National Guard is fighting an illegal war in the Middle East. Your governor could rescind the control given to the US government at the start of the Iraq War and bring them home. Heck, she could also straight up call them out to the border like our Democratic governor did here in New Mexico during the same war with out end. Instead of simply doing the job there in AZ, the Republicans pass a law that has the police arrest people who left there ID home The police even started arresting natural born US citizens before the law was even signed. How's that gonna work around the rez in north AZ?

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Jul. 31, 2007 3:01 pm

Not suprised of the orginal post. Did anyone expect anything different?....

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Jul. 31, 2007 3:01 pm

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