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Glen Beck says net neutrality is "a way to control voices.".

Limbaugh says  "net neutrality is the Fairness Doctrine of the Internet." He added: "In the era of net neutrality ... the results of any search -- let's say you want to search abortion, or you want to search the health care bill -- they want to control what you see.

Institute for Liberty's Andrew Langer claimed that " 'Network Neutrality' is a code word that means something far more sinister -- 'Government Control.' 

Andrew Moylan of the National Taxpayers Union wrote: "Mr. Obama's appointees to this [Federal Communications Commission] have made no secret of their desire to exercise more control over the whole landscape of video, telephone and wireless services. One of the most worrisome elements of their agenda is their current rule-making process, better known as 'Net neutrality,' which seeks to regulate the flow of Internet content for the first time ever."

 RedState post, Neil Stevens wrote, "But just as the FCC regulates content on television and radio ... so too will it be able to regulate content on the Internet should Net Neutrality be the law of the land"

These people may be truly insane.


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So now we have a court

So now we have a court decision denying the FCC's right to regulate the internet.


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This is a really BFD.  Beck

This is a really BFD.  Beck et al are clearly doing the corporate dance with the usual demon government threatening to control the "free market."

On the other hand, this is an area of public sensitivity at the user end.  There may be utter ignorance about the meaning of "net neutrality" and why we need to have it "regulated."  But there will not be happy campers when they find out who is controlling and regulating their content.  I think this is an area where organizing might hit a generational point of contact.

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We know how the corporations

We know how the corporations want to run the Internet and that is to extract as much money from us as they can.   You already pay for a service so why should you pay more to jsut to get content you are getting now.  The creeps that run the telecoms have 18th century business models.  Time to boot them out of business and get some 21st century operations.



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An aspect of control of the

An aspect of control of the internet we must discuss:  They can control the election process by denying access/content on the net.

They are interfering with our free commerce and our free speech if they block our access to the internet.

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The way that these right wing

The way that these right wing ideologues have distorted the meaning of net neutrality is typical of the ongoing campaign of misinformation they employ to befuddle the more easily manipulated portion of the public. 

Fortunatley I heard an attorney explain that Comcast may have shot itself in the foot by bringing a suit against the FCC asserting its right to filter content.  Even though the court agreed with Comcast, the outcome was based on rules that the FCC adapted for itself when Republicans had majority control and so now the FCC may be able to simply go back to previous rules which would have allowed it to restrict Comcast from abandoning net neutrality.

ISP providers who claim a right to control content are mistaken in their perspective.  They already profit from subscibers who pay the costs associated with delivering internet content.  Customers have a particular understanding of what the internet is and that understanding is based on the existence of net neutrality.  If they choose to double-dip and also profit by charging web sites for speed of delivery then they would no longer be providing internet service but would only be providing a network style lineup.  I think that, in a democracy, they should be free to do that but only when they make it clear to their customers that they are not an Internet service provider but some other type of business.

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Interesting. This thread has

Interesting. This thread has been here for over two weeks, and not a single supporter of the decision. I would have expected some Conservatives to be denouncing those 'jack-booted, liberal thugs at the FCC'.