Planes grounded, Europe issolated

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I am in the United Kingdom, an area pretty much independent of Europe, separated by a 22 mile stretch of water to France.

With the volcanic ash cloud covering much of Western Europe, the United Kingdom is pretty much closed for travellers.

Europe is cut off from the UK now, with the only travel being by rail through the channel tunnel and by boat. All trains and boats are fully booked for the next few days while planes are grounded.

How is this story being shown in the USA?



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Web news is covering it

Web news is covering it fairly well.  It's often the top story at MSNBC and Yahoo News.  I haven't watched much TV news lately since more and more the web covers it better.  And if things are happening in Europe I often just go to European news sites.




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Hi, Nigel- The coverage is

Hi, Nigel-

The coverage is really very good.  It hits business right below the belt, and then it becomes headline news.  Also, the 24-hour weather channel has its big news events, and this is one of them.

The level of connection we feel is directly proportionate to the level of our interdependence. We don't realize how it's all bound up until something blows.  And there it is.  No amount of spin doctoring can explain away the Fact of community.

Take care.


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Top left, and that's where

Top left, and that's where the Western eye begins to read:

Volcanic Ash May Weigh on European Economy By JACK EWING 3:05 PM ET

Economists are considering when and to what extent the extra costs companies are incurring will start to damage Europe’s economy

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LATimes has it just to the

LATimes has it just to the right of Arnold S. (thhinge gov) talking about something important to Calif.  Still, it's on the front page.


European airlines begin test flights into the ashy air By Henry Chu | 4:56 p.m. Major airlines send out jets carrying only crew members in an attempt to show that flying conditions are safe despite the volcanic ash. Photos | Video | Map

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Updated 6 hour(s) ago Air

Updated 6 hour(s) ago Air France carries out successful test flight through volcanic ash


It's the fifth story down in Peoria,Illinois.

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Still the top story, and then

Still the top story, and then some, at the weather channel:

Airlines: Some flights showed no damage

As the Iceland volcano continues spewing ash and the weather pattern remains stagnant, stranded passengers hope for some flights to resume.

Article | Video

The BBC and CNN International

The BBC and CNN International have done a great job at covering all aspects of the story including the price gauging that was going on.

Although, one aspect not fully covered is the corporations looking for government welfare to offset their losses while the average traveller will be stuck with lots of credit card debt.