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 I here a lot that racial profiling will violate the civil rights of brown skinned people who are profiled. We are talking about citizens and not illegals aren't we? Or are we saying illegals have these rights as well?


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Well, actually they do. This

Well, actually they do.

This is among the misinformation that the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund rebuts in its new "Truth in Immigration" Web site.  MALDEF reminds us that the Fourteenth Amendment is not confined to the protection of citizens. The amendment says:

Nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the law.

The Supreme Court has ruled that these provisions apply to all persons in the U.S., without regard to race, or nationality. Therefore, U.S. residents -- legal and illegal -- have constitutional rights such as equal protection of the law and the right to due process.

Other rights undocumented residents are entitled to include Fourth Amendment protections against illegal searches of homes. The Supreme Court, in a landmark ruling 25 years ago, also ruled that all children, regardless of their immigration status, are entitled to free public education, as mandated by the Fourteenth Amendment.

Federal law also requires publicly funded hospitals to provide emergency care to all patients, illegal or not.

Now, whether you think they should have the rights, that's another story.

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 RITTERBY- Thanks for that.

 RITTERBY- Thanks for that. In some ways I think everyone should be protected, but another part wonders if there should not be some legal advantages for the legal citizenry as opposed to the non legal guests

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Your welcome, the truth is

Your welcome, the truth is out there.

Now we all know why the Fourteenth Amendment was inacted (slavery).

And many will argue that this was specific to slavery. Problem is it doesn't specifically say that either, nor has it been changed to exclude ANY persons within our borders.

So as long as we consider our Nation a nation of laws not men. It holds Federal precidence.

Sometimes I think when flipping through the channels or surfin' the web that the majority of Americans are unsure exactly what their rights are and thus spread misinformation as truth. Then they turn and blame it on the current administration. This has been going on for a long time.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform is the only answer. Problem is No-one will get elected or re-elected on this. More likely to be pursued in an outgoing year.

There is just so much HATE in AMERICA. They percieve themselves as a Christian Nation. I laugh everytime I see bigots and delusionals preaching out of the left side of their mouths while spewing out hatred out of the right. What a RIOT!!