Will Bill Clinton help save our democracy?

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Bill Clinton admitted that his imposition of Free Trade
on Haiti exacerbated that country's disaster. Bill Clinton
should now try and convince Obama that Free Trade is
destroying our country and was an horrendous mistake.


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Agreed.  But don't hold your

Agreed.  But don't hold your breath for  Bill to turn in his Casino Club Membership.

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Hey, DRC...  I'm beginning to

Hey, DRC...  I'm beginning to get what you've been saying about PL lately.

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Not to mention the Clinton

Not to mention the Clinton administration's decision that everyone has a "right" to own a home, even with terrible credit.  That little gem of an idea sparked the worst part of this economic mess we're in.  And look who benefitted.  The Democratic Party's favorite bogeyman - "Fat Cats".

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cpp224, you really need to do

cpp224, you really need to do more research on the cause of the financial meltdown.  If we could organize poor people and take down Wall St. so easily, we could forget the Democrats and just GO ACORN!  Oh yeah, that powerful political organization got wiped out by a phony smear backed up by FAUX.  But along with the homophobic appeal of blaming Barney Frank, what a great piece of ideological cowpie!

What is it about power that you don't get?  First.  The banks and the real estate bubblers were in cahoots to get unsalable housing stock moving so the developers and the banksters could continue to commit fraud.  Who made the money and who got stuck with the cowpies?  If you see a lot of previously poor people or the government officials who "caused" it all living in estates with the high life, I will give you some points for credibility.  I don't see them, but boy is it easy to see the real "fat cats" who are bloated on phantom wealth and that means they have robbed the real economy and people who depend on things like honest mortgages and the chance to be part of America.

Blaming the poor is so courageous.  You guys are great at speaking power to truth.  It is so much safer and more profitable than speaking truth to power.  Blaming Clinton is not an attack on the Progressive analysis.  We blame him too.  He should have stood up to Wall St. and the GOP instead of "triangulating" away into financial deregulation.  I think he was interviewing for his big money post-President career.  The White House was a stepping stone to Clinton's Yuppie Dream of Making it Big from dirt poor.  He and Gingrich are like twins separated at birth who are both different and the same.  Neither is a grown up.

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The media/government scheme

The media/government scheme attempted to place blame on the people for the economic depression, but since then the obvious has simply buried that idiotic notion. The scale of the failure of US capitalism made itself obvious.

In the first days of the economic disaster the media said that as much as 10% of mortgages were in trouble. The mortgage market, they said, amounted to $9.7 trillion. For the sake of round figures, if the government really wanted to "fix" things it would have addressed the mortgage issue, but it didn't. However, if it did, it would have taken $1 trillion to set things right.

So, how come the fed put us in debt to the tune of $13 trillion.

BTW, if you want to weigh Bubba's interest in helping the people of this country just take note of who he hangs out with.