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First we are promised hope and change.  Not gonna do what the insiders have done.  Open and transparent. Now this bag of tricks and lies.

He is nothing but an ametuer community organizer being played by the globalists.  Hope all you obamasiah worshippers finally see him for what is isn't!!!  Bye-Bye again!!! 


Obama isn't being played by

Obama isn't being played by globalists. He's a self-defined New Democrat. He said so himself. People didn't listen.

New Democrats support globalization. They support neo-liberalism...same as the Republicans. That includes privatization, (his school and health care policies), Free trade (outsourcing) and trickle down economics (re-appointment of Bernanke to head the Fed), among other things.

Obama isn't being played. He's playing the game he signed on to play. He's a self-defined New Democrat.

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yah BUFFALO, Don't be boring

yah BUFFALO, Don't be boring

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Maybe you'll find this boring

Maybe you'll find this boring also, Sam.  I have come to the conclusion you obamites have no clue or simply refuse to see.

I couldn't resist this tidbit.  Again, adios batos y batas!!!

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Hey, bro', I thought you

Hey, bro', I thought you un-subscribed to thomland?  I posted your story about your deal with the electric company and your new personal wind-powered generator on the 'Is Capitalism more important than Democracy?' essay thread on Thom's nationally syndicated radio show section about 5 days ago (it's now at the top of the third page there). 

Here's a copy of that:

This is sort of a related topic and, since my brother 'un-subscribed' to this forum, I'll tell it for him.

My brother (who lives out in a rural area) recently purchased a personal electric-generating windmill.  By law, it has to be connected to the 'grid'--but, as the man who set it up stated, there can be times when it will be generating more electricity than the house is pulling in--and that 'extra electricity' (since my brother cannot afford the batteries that can store it) will go back into the grid.  And, with the rotary-meters commonly used with electrical companies, that can make the meter go backwards and can save him up to 75% of his electrical costs.

But, my brother called me last night livid over the whole situation.  His electricity-generating windmill just got completed and operating and, with the present storms going across Texas, he noted that the spinning arm of the electric meter was, indeed, spinning less--and, even occasionally, going backwards.  But, he came home yesterday to a house that had had an interruption in the electric current and went out to see what the cause was and found that his rotary-meter had been changed to a digital meter.  As the guy that had put his windmill in had stated (almost in passing), a digital meter doesn't go backwards.

Now, my brother, who really isn't one to 'believe' in the 'green movement' is livid--and called me to vent his anger and frustration.  While he sees his little electric-generating windmill as being right in line with the 'green movement', he notes that such benefits are to only go to the electric companies--any personal attempts to 'green' ones electrical input is thwarted by the company.  So, along with the electric company, Al Gore isn't about 'greening America' as he is about making money (just like all the corporate bastards) and having corporations make money claiming their 'green movement' bullshit to do so.   When it comes to a little contributer such as himself, they thwart any attempts on the individual's part to set up his own 'green movement' electricity-making facility and make it, once again, where none of the benefits go to the individual and all of the benefits go to the corporations--no different than what the greenies are claiming Bush and company did.

Capitalism is individual ruling themselves and serving others.--monsieurb54

Is it really?  Read above....and how does one really go about 'changing' croney capitalism into 'pure capitalism'?  

As far as your Obamassiah assertions, it does appear that Obama's administration is having to 'cope' more than 'hope'--but, Obama certainly hasn't catered in the 'change of political paradigm' that some thought.  Yes, he can be seen as just the 'gentler arm' of Corporate fascism as it stands now.  Still having the big guys go by different rules than the rest of us just mere mortals....and financially less influential.....:)......

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As a follow-up on that, you

As a follow-up on that, you and I got a hold of my lawyer daughter and she did say that the electric company had to pay you for your electricity--but they apparently don't have to pay as much as they charge you.  You reported to her that you called the electric company and they said that they would be putting out a 'graph' to show you how much electric input you made with your little wind-powered generator and will pay you for it--less than what you pay them.  When you come over this weekend, I know where a couple of personal wind-powered generators in this area are--we'll go see if they, also, have that  digital meter yours now has.  Of course, you have no independent way to tell if what they are telling you is correct but since they are going to pay you less than what you pay them for the electricity, I guess they don't have to lie about it, eh? 


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Buffalo, Thom said that Obama

Buffalo, Thom said that Obama is Clinton, he aslo said clinton was the best republican we've had in thirty years.  So what obama apologists do you imagine are in here?

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As a follow-up on the weekend

As a follow-up on the weekend inspection, the wind-generators that my bro' and I found in my area were still running the old-fashioned rotary meters.  I'm not sure what that means with respect to what bro's electrical company is doing with the digital meter.  (And, yes, since nothing much was going on in the few threads I chose to go on here in thomland, I was with bro' in many of his posts this weekend--however, the views were his...I just helped with some of the writing and the formatting....).  

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Wind mills. My local power

Wind mills.

My local power company is western Oregon electric.

Here, the law says that the company only buys back power at the wholesale rate and sells it at the retail rate, so you will always loose unless you generate much more than you use.

In some areas the "LOCAL" laws can be even more tricky to navigate.

Again in my area, the Western Oregon Electric is not required to purchase back more than one tenth of 1 % of their average daily usage.

Good luck finding that number. But put simply, if enough people were to generate their own power and feed it back to the grid, Western could cut off new permits for grid tied systems.

There are also many laws restricting wind mills based on noise and visual stability.

In many areas you must get written permission for an installation from all your neighbors before you can get a building permit. And anyone can change their mind at any time.

Do you think Obama has time to jump on those personal energy production laws with all of the other messes he has on his hands??????????

The more common response to the negative enticements is to store your own power in battery banks.

What is not advertised is that there are a huge number of low voltage lighting options and appliances.

Power can be put to use directly from the solar panel.