Considering where I live a Moslem winner of a beauty contest winner is . . .

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Where I live in Israel where even where Moslems are more liberated to some extent of the guidelines relating to Modesty, a young Moslem women show shows up in a bathing suit that "reveals skin" is off-sides.  I didn't see her, but some Moslems might not be as proud, and  tell you that a decent Believer doesn't go around "half naked". 

All right, standards of modesty have changed, and even Gypsy Rose Lee wore a G-string and pasties--and that was called strip tease!  Today you get that on the Fashion Channel as nothing special.

I guess it's a sign of the times that American-born Moslem women are not concerned about how they dress in public, maybe the young,men don't mind letting people know the brand of of their underwear, too.


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I think this was the Catholic

I think this was the Catholic side of her identity, more like Italian TV.

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DRC, I spoke to a young Arab


I spoke to a young Arab American Moslem who is here (Israel) and he tells me in the village where he lives a girl doesn't dare go out in a tank top, and when they they go to beach they are covered from the neck down to the knees.

It's like more of an issue among American Moslems who might regard this as a breach of modesty among the young women and girls.  I grant you that, though, there are even changes here, but when the Sean Limbecks of the media start raving about Moslems as Miss America, they shoot from the hip.  In the end, one commentator will get right, and once again, they will make fools of themselves.