Waxman Waxes Whorish; Weenies out; Wanton Willfullness Wins over Wellness

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Pill Pushers Persist in Punishing Purveyors of Pure Potions, Preparations and Poultices


harry ashburn
Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm


Yes, heaven forbid we regulate an industry flush with frauds, liars, and snake oil salesmen. I love how they set themselves up as the underdog against nasty Big Pharma. The alt. medicine and dietary supplement industry is absolutely a powerful special interest. Sure, they don't have the same resources as Big Pharma yet, but that doesn't make them poor or powerless. And they are absolutely defrauding the public and making unproven health claims for their products. Remember Airborne? "Natural" does not mean safe.

reed9's picture
Apr. 8, 2010 11:26 am

@Reed9: you said: "And they are absolutely defrauding the public and making unproven health claims for their products."

Maybe some are, but not in Texas. Doctors cant recommend such products to their patients, whole foods clerks cant recommend them or make claims about their efficacy. Nutritional supplements advertising and claims are much more closely regulated than are those of big pharma.

harry ashburn
Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

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