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The UK Telegraph is reporting that NASA scientists believe they have evidence that alien primitive life exists on Saturn's moon. They think they have discovered that life forms have been breathing in the planet’s atmosphere and also feeding on its surface’s fuel.


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This is probably a ploy to

This is probably a ploy to get funding.

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More specifically, there were

More specifically, there were two studies.  One found that hydrogen gas in the atmosphere was disappearing on the surface and the other found a lack of acetylene.  Two conditions which are consistent with a hypothetical methane-based life form.  The next step is to rule out all possible non-biological explanations.  (Or find actual life, I suppose.)

More from NASA.

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"Life" is a lot more than

"Life" is a lot more than human beings or other mammals, etc.  The idea that there is life in the cosmos is more probable than not, but the conditions for life also vary dramatically even on earth and under the sea.