China's Labor Force Organizing

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Jobs come first; unions come later.

N.Y. Times wrote:
As China Aids Labor, Unrest Is Still Rising

BEIJING — On a hot morning in late May, while some 2,000 workers at a Honda parts factory were striking in China’s south, 100 irate employees at a hotel in the heart of the capital staged their own protest.

The Honda workers got lots of publicity. The hotel employees were mostly ignored. But the undercurrent was the same: labor disputes are becoming a common feature of the Chinese economic landscape.


They should. The bulk of

They should. The bulk of China's industrial capacity should be geared to serving the Chinese workers who make the stuff. They need incomes large enough to purchase what they produce...just like we should have here.

A difference...China has labor shortages. It gives Chinese workers more clout and rising wages.

We have a labor surplus...workers have no clout and.declining wages. Some think that's a really good thing. Some don't.

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Any improvement in the wages

Any improvement in the wages and working conditions for China's workers is good for them and us. It should increase Chinese demand for American exports and narrow the comparative advantage that China enjoys in labor costs. Win-Win.

Had we not outsourced our

Had we not outsourced our labor costs...China wouldn't have a comparative labor advantage.  Removing tariffs allowed for outsourcing labor costs and then corporations freely re--importing  their own  products . It was done under the scam of removing protectionism.

U.S. firms' outsourcing gave themselves and China comparative advantage...leaving U.S workers  and nation at  a   comparative disadvantatge.

It's called economic tyranany against the U.S.and its U.S. corporations.

If China raises its wages by about 500%, and the U.S. lowers its wages by about 60%, things will level out. Or we could level out the playing field quicker by reducing wages 90%. Let the good times roll!

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I cannot refute your

I cannot refute your conclusions, but the change in China is in the right direction, even if it does not eliminate any and all unfair advantages that may be enjoyed by the "Middle Kingdom."