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Thom, 99.9% you're right... it's you sitting at the computer hour after hour... I've had the initial symptoms of carpel tunnel and sore shoulder for years... and a chiropractor of one sort of another has kept me from surgery. (I'm 67 and have been at a keyboard for since I was 20 or so.)

Look for one who does muscle testing and knows chiropractic isn't the answer to love, life and the universe and everything... I go once a week to a real healer and stay out of allopathic medicine for things like this...

Walking is wonderful... and get set up ergonomically for the next books... and force yourself to take 10 mn stretching breaks every hour and a half or so. 

Keep us posted - we need you writing.





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I suffered similar symptoms

I suffered similar symptoms as Thom, had Xrays and nothing showed up. I too sit in front of a computer for hours at a time all week long and the one thing that CURED my chronic shoulder pain was acupuncture. I felt relief after the first treatment, and was totally  pain free after the next 2-3 sessions. I now go back from time to time when I feel stiffness and I have never suffered from it again. Prior to this, I was not an advocate for acupuncture, but I am a strong believer of it's benefits now.

Lynn D. from NY

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You may want to speak to Dr.

You may want to speak to Dr. David Simmons, Arcadia, CA (626) 446-4066 who is an amazing chiropractor.  They are not all the same, and this guy is nothing like most chiropractors.  He is gentle and thorough and will tell you directly if he believes he can help or not.   I'm sure could help if you visit the Los Angeles area.  In my experience, cortisone treatments don't work, but Dr. Simmons does.

I had what the physical

I had what the physical therapist diagnosed as "nearly a frozen shoulder". The PT was way more helpful in diagnosing the problem than my sports medicine doctor. With the PT reefing on the shoulder (very painfull), ice, ultrasound, stim, and doing exercises religiously, the problem has gone away and I'm back to regular volleyball games (at age 61) It took a few weeks to see significant results. I highly recommend finding a good PT if you haven'y already.

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I'm a writer and a professor,

I'm a writer and a professor, and have similar problems. Chiropractic, ultrasound (not diagnostic but theraputic) and massage helps a lot. Also ice when it's flaring up for three days, followed by heat. Don't do the shot. MD's don't understand alternative treatments. Rest when you can. Stop typing for a week. (Yeah, I know, but do it anyway.) Also White Kush or some other indica are great muscle relaxers.

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Oh, and stretching!! Stand in

Oh, and stretching!! Stand in a doorway, but your hands on either side and lean forward. You probably can't do this much right now. Ask chiropractor for other stretches. A little a day goes a long way.

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Thom, Like Lynn D. I wasnt


Like Lynn D. I wasnt too sure about accupuncture. But after decades of long term pain in my neck/shoulder/back, and seeing literally dozens of specialists, surgeons and chiropractic doctors, I had given up after hearing the same thing over and over. Which was if you want to try more surgery it might work- odds being more than 50% being paralyzed from the neck down if it doesnt. Not too reassuring.

So up to the present. I was told about a healer. Well thats how he was presented to me by my neighbor, a local lady who seems to know everything about anything in the hood. Brad Whisnant is his name. Officially has the title accupuncturist/herbalist. But I do believe healer is more apt! Amazing man, with a very broad and deep knowledge of the eastern way of healing. In less than 2 months I am in less pain and doing more than I have in literally decades.

So I suggest the option of trying a good accupuncturist/herbalist. He is local to PDX and his number is 503-750-6238. My guess is you will be feeling better in minutes and long term relief in just weeks. You already had little success with the shot- which coincides with my personal experiences with cortisone therapy. Good luck Thom!

Oh by the way... eating rather than smoking the medical marijuana is more theraputic for deep muscle/joint pain. It needs to be processed with low heat (200 degrees for 20 minutes) then either cooked with or crushed and fill gel caps. It will make you very slow and hungry all at the same time. Just a warning- have something other than the stuff that you cooked the mmj into for the munchies for eating more isnt usually a good idea.  There is no LD-50 for marijuana but rest assured one can eat too much and suffer mightily the next day(s). Take it from my personal experiences! 

Ray Paquette
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Hi Thom I had frozen shoulder

Hi Thom

I had frozen shoulder a few years back and went to my chiropractor and he got it unfrozen.

Ray P



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I also had frozen shoulder

I also had frozen shoulder and went for PT. It was hard and painful, but I did the exercises religously and haven't had a reoccurrence, which typically can occur in the other shoulder. Take care Thom, we need you atypin'.