DO NOT - Support Bernie DeCastro ofthe Constitution Party of Florida !!!!!! DO NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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'Interested Voter'

You guys should really do your homework before endorsing a candidate. Especially one with a background like DeCastro's. Over 10% of his non-profit's operating costs are his salary with an additional unreported (in his gross income to the IRS for the past 15 years) amount in excess of $40,000 for "home allowance". Take a look at the 990 for Time For Freedom, Inc. which is public record ( You will also find that in 1998, he was investigated for theft from his own mother's bank account by the Florida Health and Rehabilitative Services. Oh, and they also investigated him for abuse for failure to provide her with food while she was in his care. Another investigation and again, public record. For his first run for governor in 2006, he hired his campaign staff to work for Time For Freedom, Inc., his non-profit. A clear violation of IRS regulations concerning the use of a non-profit for political purposes. If you check the records on what happened with the funds from his first campaign you will find that after folding the campaign (in response to threats by his former campaign manager, Angie Boynton, to expose his numerous violations of election laws if he didn't pay her money he owed her), he pocketed the campaign funds. I won't even discuss the fact that his first campaign treasurer, Jimmy P, quit after finding that DeCastro was using the campaign funds as "petty cash" for personal use. Interestingly enough, when he started his first campaign he sold his Harley-Davidson motorcycle because he needed the funds and was nearly broke but less than a month later, after beginning his campaign, he paid over $16,000 for a brand new Harley-Davidson. Wonder where the money for that came from? Kind of an easy guess as you've already been given a clue. His politics and stances blow in whatever direction the money may be found and with this campaign just as in the last two, he will leave his supporters in the lurch with no explanation AND, as he has previously in every campaign, pocket the campaign funds. Don't you find it strange that he has very little support from his "home town" of Ocala? (Not in ANY of his campaigns) They know about his reputation. During his first campaign, they tore down his signs in Ocala. He couldn't get elected as dog catcher there. The majority of those who voted for him in his second campaign were people who didn't know him. Once more, public record. You guys need to spend more time doing an in-depth background check on DeCastro before you provide any endorsement for him. He isn't committed to anything but definitely can be considered self-serving and totally untrustworthy. A man who would steal from his own mother is not going to act in the best interests of the Florida voters. The term "pathetic loser" would be an apt description of DeCastro.

Sorry folks I changed my stance as this info became available.

We just have to look at other 3rd Party candidates.


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It's refreshing to see at

It's refreshing to see at least some people on this board aren't too stuck up to call their own number when they discover they may have been mistaken about something.  Volitzer just manned up.

Thanks, Vol.

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Good on ya, Volitzer.

Good on ya, Volitzer.

Deleted one Constitution

Deleted one Constitution Party Candidate. A few more to go.

How about a Constitution Party for a re-write of the Constitution to suit the industrial era....rather than one seeking to adhere to an agricultural era?

Retired Monk - "Ideology is a disease".

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The Constitution is to place

The Constitution is to place restrictions on government and to ensure the rights of the people.

Can you be more specific with the agricultural versus the industrial ?

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Is this the black lady that

Is this the black lady that Bernie fired for being a terrible campaign manager for the governor race? If so, shut up. Thank you, have a wonderful day!

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one disagrees that the

one disagrees that the constitution is to place restrictions on government. it was created to establish a working national government as the articles of confederation were a hopeless mess. it is a foundation, a framework for a working government. the bill of rights was added because the constitution itself, as written, does nothing about insuring rights.

as for the agrarian vs industrial jefferson sought to maintain an agrarian nation where citizen-statemen (white, landowning) would be in the government. such a utopia would not have risen to the place the u.s. achieved.

which may have been a better result. or not. 

When we get to the point of

When we get to the point of declaring corporations ...dead charters in a safe,.. to actually be people because the Consitution fails to address social/technological/industrial development....that is getting pretty absurd.

Jefferson suggested re-examining it every 20 years to see if it should be altered or re-written.

And true...he envisioned an agricultural society....not an industrial one

Retired Monk - "Ideology is a disease".