this is so heavy I couldn't lift it much less read it....


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It's actually pretty light as

It's actually pretty light as it can be summed up as the freedom to do whatever one wants and liberty from responsibility, and a lack of understanding of human nature. Keynes is essentially correct in spirit, in determining that "A minimalist government, which left people to fend for themselves, was unconscionable, ...and no matter how seductive it appears on the printed page, no one would support its introduction in the end", however, as shown by American libertarians intention to introduce it, there are those that would support its introduction.

The fundamental flaw in libertarian thought is that they fail to understand that as nature abhors a vacuum so does power. This is seen in our government changing to a fascist state under control of business interests because the people refuse to act as engaged citizens in preference for laissez-faire/free market economic ideologies. The people choose to disengage and business assumed power. The same will happen with a minimalist government desired by libertarians. Just look at Somalia or Afghanistan or Pakistan for proof.

I doubt that facts will interfer with libertarian thought, as delusion has no bounds. Libertarianism will need to be modified for it to lead to a functional system that controls the worst in human nature to protect people while they enjoy their "freedom" and "liberty" and fulfill their obligations to society.

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I can't help but wonder what

I can't help but wonder what Mr. Hayek would think of the likes of Glen Beck promoting his book.

I still think Libertarianism is a bunch of nonsense that can't work.  I believe jeff provides some good examples of what happens to a country when you have no strong government (Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan).

Interesting that the nation of Austria is now one of the most successful and progressive social democracies in Europe.  Low unemployment, low crime, high quality of life.   For some reason they just didn't want to go the Libertarian route...

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Win-winism: Libertarian and

Win-winism: Libertarian and Pop-psych faith in win-win solutions is a pretty well written discussion of the human condition and why libertarians are destined to fail, they fail to account for human nature.

For some reason libertarians refuse to deal with the fact that we are social animals and so are evolved to live in groups and therefore we are not only selfish, but also altruistic, compelled to act for the greater good. Functional societies meet the needs of its members, dysfunctional societies do not. Libertarian ideology results in dysfunction because they celebrate only the selfish component and refute the altruistic and deny that we have obligations to others. Also, they deny that only meeting one's immediate desires results in failure at an individual level when nothing exists to stop bad decisions.

What is necessary is for the individual to be engaged in the political process, in the greater societal sense and in the narrower governance sense, to create forces in government that provide for the general welfare.