They're going to take our retirement - Just one more reason to vote these f**kers out in November

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These a**holes in DC are playing with fire.....

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm


You all really need to read this post over at FDL:

The Attack of the Real Black Helicopter Gang: The IMF Is Coming for Your Social Security

After watching the takedown of Anerica since Reagan (MR, Deficits don't matter) all the way to Clinton ( NAFTA; repeal of Glass Steagal) then Bush ( indecribable) Now Obama ( nuff said)

Does anyone really beleive the government under the direction of Bilderberg, Trialateral, Council on Foreign Relations, IMF and assorted going to turn around and HELP US get back on our feet????

It's time to pull our heads ALL the way out of the sands.

They want everything we've got including our lives. Kissinger, in a rare slip, called us "useless eaters". Pretty powerful guy, Kissinger...still.

Now they've armed US to the teeth and expect US citizens to do their work for them by killing each other off.

Most people, if one listens to the MSM...yes even Ed Schultz, Olbermann or Rachel will not have heard a word about the failed "aid to the states" which is going to throw at LEAST a million more people out of work. Schultz had someone on his show last night talking about how rought the states are going to have it when the federally MANDATED FUNDING for Medicaid/Medicare/ education and all sorts of other stuff dires up in Dec which is probably when Pelsoi will just have to privatize Socail Security as well.

Then comes the final Shock of this Shock Doctrine which has been playing out since really, the 50's.

We GOT to stop blaming THE PEOPLE that's what they want us to do. And they've been playing THAT game so long they probably beleive it themsleves.

I ahve thsi little scenario in my mind of some old patriarch of the Rothschild family ( now THAT'S a name you don;t hear anymore) sayin g about social security "We NEED that money!!!!!, Get it. those useless eaters have ruined the planet! They don't deserve dignity!"

And this is what our governement form Reaganto Obama has/is doing to US.

The ONLY way to fight, since we know they can steal any elceationthey want now, don't we? don't we? (AR: Lincoln/ Halter) is to stop palying their blame's too late for anything else. they want us fighting in the streets and the "purity tests' of the tea partiers are no joke, my friends. they are the new Nazis and they are VERY dangerous. By Tea Partiers I mean Palin and her ilk.

So, brace yourselves. They put a black man inthe presidency to throw a sop to the people of conscience and a red flag to the bigots. and it's working. but he's going tobe the one to help them steal everthing we've got left.

I beleive America is slated to become the base of Ops for The New World Order or call it Global Fascism if you prefer.

I don't post here much but, as our president does ( although in a different way) I feel the "fierce urgency of NOW).

( need a spell checker!!!)

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

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