Transocean is a crazy is that?

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Transocean has recently spent $110,000 on a lobbying firm after the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded, to influence Congress on energy legislation, mobile drilling units and offshore drilling.  Now that the Supreme Court has ruled that corporations are persons with Constitutional rights, these "persons" are hiring swarms of actual humans to descend on Capitol Hill like a hoard of locusts.  Meanwhile, the rest of us are waiting for the Court to realize the stupidity of its position, or for one of the Conservative Crazy Five members to decide to retire so President Obama can appoint somebody sane.


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The Murray Hill Corporation

The Murray Hill Corporation is running for Congress!

Isn't it time that corporations had representation ;-)

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Here in Florida,the Supreme

Here in Florida,the Supreme Court Five would be "Baker-Act". Put in a padded room to protect themselfs and others from harm.