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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I, VT) has introduced the nationwide Ten Million Solar Roofs Act which, if passed, would dramatically add to the federal rebates and incentives for individuals to go solar at home. If you're sick and tired of seeing your taxpayer dollars subsidizing oil and coal companies, while largely ignoring solar and wind, then you'll want to contact your Senators about this bill.

In introducing his new Ten Million Solar Roofs Act, independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders quoted Thomas Edison: "'I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don't have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.' He was right then, in 1931, and he remains right today. The American people agree.  Today, 92 percent of all Americans want our country to develop solar energy resources, and 77 percent believe the federal government should make solar power development a national priority."

Our Senators need to hear from all of us and understand that there really is a huge majority of Americans who are ready NOW to switch to solar energy. Call your Senator right now!  This is a message reposted from GREENAMERICA



While I don't object to solar

While I don't object to solar power as I use it myself, I don't see any method for paying for this in the Act. 

For those that do not have acess to NetZero, below is the link to Bernie Sander's site.


Paleo-con wrote: While I

Paleo-con wrote: While I don't object to solar power as I use it myself, I don't see any method for paying for this in the Act.

poly replies:  Probably the same way we bailed finance with $11.4 trillion in bailouts and guarantees. A difference being, solar panels would  create enough economic activity to provide an increase in tax revenues to at least paritially pay for it...and reduce oil import deficits for years to come. It wouldn't be money thrown into the toilet.

Anything reducing global warming has a payoff....not yet seen.

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Respectfully; Pay for it by

Respectfully; Pay for it by dumping a couple of illegal and murderous wars, hundreds of Shadow Government domestic spying programs, finding billions of "lost dollars" that have gone missing with the help of mysterious "contractors" -- and level the playing field in taxation by not renewing the Bush tax cuts for the parasites that ship our jobs overseas, pollute our waters, blow up our mountains, buy our politicians, flood our airwaves with falsehoods and divisiveness.... etc.

Bingo! Retired Monk -


Retired Monk - "Ideology is a disease"

Still no serious suggestions

Still no serious suggestions on how to pay for this.  I was looking for something real, the Government can't spend talking points.  I suspect, the answer is to drive us deeper into dept.  Green jobs are still vaporware, but one can only hope things change.

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There is over 400 years of

There is over 400 years of oil and gas in the reserves that we know about right now. We will long run out of the silicon that goes into the panels before hydro-carbons.

I also must say, I really prefer using my electricity at night when I most need it. You guys can run all your appliances during the day and then shiver huddled under blankets by candlelight at night, but I'm turning on the lights, the TV and the electric blanket.

Silicon is made from sand, so

Silicon is made from sand, so it might be a close race.

You have a point on nighttime use.  I use solar generated power, but it does have limited applications.  Precisely, because it only works well on sunny days and in the daylight.  But still, it does make a small dent in my electric bills.

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I feel the President should

I feel the President should put some on the White House Roof as Thom speak so much that President Carter did before President Reagan took them down and also put them on his roof on his Hyde park House in Chicago. Lead by example. Mr. President. Does Senator Sanders has Solar panels on his roof at his Vermont Home and offices. Again. Lead by example.