Irony of the Week! Aug. 9

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harry ashburn
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Sign seen at an anti-Obama rally in Austin called "Hands Off Texas":

"Hands Off Texas...Send More Troops!"


Kenny Kamel
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I can understand how that

I can understand how that could be perceived as ironic, but I believe the meaning is that the Federal Government should stay out of the State affairs of Texas.  That while addressing national security issues such as the horrific lack of security at the border. 

The Obama Administration seems to be intent on selectively enforcing federal laws and when a state decides to enforce federal law that Obama & Co doesn't like the force of the federal government is brought upon said state in spite.  

You call it irony, I call it authoritarian measures run amock.



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Gosh, I thought federal law

Gosh, I thought federal law trumped state law.

Just what we need on this board, another angry, ill-informed conservative.