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NATFA is the free trade agreement between US, Canada & Mexico.  How many job have we lost to Mexico?  I believe very few.  We have lost job mostly China & India.  Why all the talk about repealling NAFTA?


As of 2001, 3/4 million jobs

As of 2001, 3/4 million jobs were lost to Mexido....with declining incomes in both countries.

Subsidized U.S. agriculture has devasted the small Mexican farmer...driving millions of newly unemployed small-farm owners into the cities...driving already low wages downward...

The only ones benefiting have been Big Ag and Big Business.

Some firms have been relocated from Mexico to China.......cheaper wages.

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We need to protect our

We need to protect our markets and manufacturing, from Asia but not from Mexico.  Mexico has emough problems as it is.

So? Maybe one day Mexicans

So? Maybe one day Mexicans will kick out their oligarchy...the 38 families who control over half the nations wealth...and begin investing in their own country rather than being bled dry to feed foreign financial markets and multi-billionaire bank accounts.

Mexico is a potentially rich for the benefit of a few. at the expense of the many.  NAFTA has driven the incomes of most Mexicans the delight of their top 38.

The U.S. subsidizes corn...meaning U.S. corn can be sold in. Mexico profitably at less than what it costs to produce it. NAFTA prohibits Mexico from addressing the issue. It drove millions of Mexicans off of farms and into the cities. The huge labor pool drove already low wages downward.

It's the same thing we did to Haiti. At least Clinton apoligized to Haiti for it. after the earthquake.

Big Ag, of course, loves its subsidized "free market". that drove millions more into poverty.

Retired Monk - "Ideology is a disease"