Progressive vs rush and Progressive wins

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rush limbaugh show - 8-2-2010. Hour two. Progressive, calls in and eats rush's lunch. The question was, what is the difference between lawyer representing him or a union in contract negotiations? His answer was, people working with a union get paid for not doing work. What????? 


  wall street stockbrokers


wall street stockbrokers were paid by the federal treasury for not doing $700 billion dollars worth of work.

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Agreed, bush paid them great

Agreed, bush paid them great for destroying people or the commons. 

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bumRush LimpPaw's cigars

bumRush LimpPaw's cigars getting bigger or is it just my imagination?

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It's necessary for

It's necessary for progressives to keep aware of the rush game. But we should starve him of recognition which is the fuel that drives his game. It's not the rush content that fires up his followers, it's watching his fights with progressives Same as the Faux news clowns.

Well, a lot of the time Rush

Well, a lot of the time Rush vehemently attacks what doesn't exist and at other times embraces  figments of his own  imagination  I hear drugs do that to a person..

 I suppose it's best to ignore him until he completes a rehab program...and wise to know just what the current B.S. is.that some are swallowing.

Retired Monk - "Ideology is a disease"


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I am not going to ignore

I am not going to ignore rush. rush's show is like 3 hours of comedy every day. Thom is the news and rush/beck is a comedy show. Like rush and Larry the cable guy. Who would you rather listen to?