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QUOTE  "The power of  {Howard} Zinn’s scholarship—which I have watched over the past few weeks open the eyes of young, mostly African-Americans to their own history and the structures that perpetuate misery for the poor and gluttony and privilege for the elite—explains why the FBI, which released its 423-page file on Zinn on July 30, saw him as a threat. 

Zinn’s book is revered in my cramped classroom. It is revered because these men intimately know racism, manipulation, poverty, abuse and the lies peddled by the powerful. Zinn recorded their voices and the voices of their ancestors. They respect him for this. Zinn knew that if we do not listen to the stories of those without power, those who suffer discrimination and abuse, those who struggle for justice, we are left parroting the manufactured myths that serve the interests of the privileged. Zinn set out to write history, not myth.  And he knew that when these myths implode it is the beginning of hope.- Chris Hedges. Full article here:

Zinn shared the distinction with Martin Luther King, Jr.., as being a threat to the security of the United States. Those speaking truth to power are seen as threats. Why is that?

Fibs good....truth bad. What a country.

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Poly,people who use and abuse

Poly,people who use and abuse the Flag will see the Flag  "expose" them! When you step on freedom,people will see it.

Many years ago, I had a dear

Many years ago, I had a dear aunt who worked for civil rights. She objected strongly to people of hispanic descent being shut out of public parks in one of Colorado's counties. The FBI took up residence in the house next door...and followed her wherever she went for about three years.

That action made her a "security threat." Supporting the U.S. Constitution made her a security threat.. Ditto her activities in the southern states.. 

Finally, she began walking up to the FBI car parked behind her and asked if they were "ready to go" before she drove off to work.

The FBI tails ended after she was invited to the White House by Pres. Johnson for a consultation on something unrelated to that...

What goes on today isn't's just more overt with laws such as the Patriot Act to support it. Speaking truth to power brings with it automatic FBI interest...People should probably be aware of that.

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Poly,i feel for your aunt.We

Poly,i feel for your aunt.We have two governments(good & bad),i think most people are aware.When people see feedom step on,they won`t like it.The story of your aunt, should have been made "public". The bad government have nothing to stand on,and they making the good government look bad. We don`t stand up for what`s right,then the bad become right.