Why Don't "Celebrities" Lead the Way?

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I've had this question bubbling in my mind for some time:  why don't the progressive radio and tv hosts, liberal journalists and the like ever put their 'money where there mouth is' when it comes to marching and protesting with the people? I mean, I understand the massive amount of good information people like Mr. Hartmann spread and I know how dangerous it might be career-wise to 'make' news. But, it seems to me, that the value of a Thom Hartmann or Amy Goodman, any of the MSNBC folks like Rachel Maddow or Ed Schultz, or any other progressive with a national face marching with protesters here in Arizona or taking part in an anti-Tea Party rally somewhere would be such a boon to an issue. Hell, if Keith Obermann got arrested demonstrating for same-sex marriage it would call more attention to that cause than a week's worth of shows. It's obvious that Democrat politicians are afraid to put it on the line and stand with us. So, why don't celebrities join us when we take to the streets?

Just a thought.


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I like your "Thought",i like

I like your "Thought",i like this better "Senator Hartmann". Can you imagine help for Al Franken and Bernie Sanders and Barabar Lee,with help like that in the government,we could get rid of the "cancer". I told Thom he could still do his show from Congress(where their`s will,their`s a way) And just think, they have a base already,they have no problem beating a corrupt money candidate who have done nothing for the people.I Love your thought,lets take it to another level.Anybody agree, please send a message to our progressive "hosts".    

All of the Celebraties could

All of the Celebraties could show up to the anti-Tea Party rallies. That'd make 9 people total.

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You`re right,Celebraties is

You`re right,Celebraties is the wrong word.I would use well known and respected progressive media hosts. Have a better idea?

Do you mean like Wienie

Do you mean like Wienie Reagan?

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Who`s that? No I don`t want

Who`s that? No I don`t want to know!