Wow! Did I have it wrong! I thought Archie was Gay!!

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I always thought Veronica and Betty would become an item; Reggie would become a mercenary, and Miss Grundy and Jughead would hook up..

harry ashburn
Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm


Interesting, too, not just Archie. I listen to Old Time Radio from time to time. It's an education of sorts. Before the days of Internet games, and the television culture that came to fruition in the late 50's and into the 70's, there were comic books. Believe it or not the US Congress had hearings about the pernicious influence that comic books were having on the Youth of America.

Remember that television was just coming into being, so kids spent their time reading books, or they were supposed to be "reading". Superman and Batman, and . . . came to be regarded as the most recent attack on American values. I recall that some drug stores were judged by whether comic books were included with the rest of written material that it sold. It it did, the owner might be scolded for selling smut, for ruining the morals of the youth, for . . . at least in some circles.

That Archie, which was a popular radio series for a long time, who "star" faded away and spent his time producing plays, or some other aspect of the business, and the other actors who likely retired as the small screen took over our hearts and minds.

Ah, just a parting shot in the same vein. Anyone recall the contraversy over Annete Funicello, Walt Disney's female teenage star on the Mickey Mouse club. For some reason, as she matured, her life became "sexier", as it were, and media pundits of the day were not pleased.

upperrnaz12348's picture
Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

Oh, yeah, I remember the contoversy over Annette and how she fit into that wild bikini!. re: Comic books: My folks wouldn't let us even possess comic books during the school year. During summer it was OK. I remember one time my dad confiscated my Beetle Bailey, took it into his bedroom and read it.

harry ashburn
Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

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