Being an Obama apologist only makes things worse!

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Obama needs to be pushed, or we're doomed -- he will remain a warmongering corporatist!


I don't think he is a

I don't think he is a corporatist, just a pawn.

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- Obama needs to be pushed,

- Obama needs to be pushed, or we're doomed -- he will remain a warmongering corporatist!

I'd prefer to push him  down a flight of stairs given the fact that 60,000,000 US citizens had a negligible effect. Millions of new homeless people, Wall Street mega bonuses as their victims lose retirement savings, 401K's, investments and the value of their homes (if they still have them) and Wall Street has returned to its crooked policies as it continues to drive the economy into the abyss.

Obama is good for Wall Street and a disaster for main street.

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Drag Obama out of the

Drag Obama out of the Whitehouse by his ears and all the way to NYC to the Federal Reserve building and say here, take your guy back, we don't want him anymore.

Funny, Choco. I'll second the

Funny, Choco. I'll second the motion. Give him a job counting the scams. It will keep him busy...working overtime.

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So now we know who th trolls

So now we know who th trolls are.

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Yea, to the Trolls, lets drag

Yea, to the Trolls, lets drag Obama out and put John Boner(sp?) in charge! Like good Liberals, we need to get that grand old republican pledge fulfilled, and the sooner we destroy Obama the faster that can happen!... remove medicaid, medicare, social security, minimum wage, collective bargaining, bring usury back to it's peak, remove all taxes on people making more than 1 billion, raise taxes on people making less than $250,000 to cover the gap the tax break on billionaires leaves... but that's just the start...

If we can make it so Obama is a one term president then the next republican president can get more republican supreme court judges in, and that will mean they can rule in favor of corporations forever, unlike that blasted Sonia Sotomayor who voted against corporations having free speech! We need more hard right zealots who rule from the bench like Samuel Alito! Then the American government will be forced to bow to the money of lobbyists and corporations buying and selling politicians as they please for the rest of our lifetimes!

Your talking points are all right, right wing that is! Obama took some money but he didn't take enough and didn't bow low enough, we need wholly owned subsidiaries like Alito, and another GWB!

Seriously though, apologists want to push Obama just the same, the only difference is they don't want to destroy him, especially not before mid-terms but especially not right before 2012. That's more of a right wing agenda they've had for over a year now.. health care Waterloo, drown gov. in a bathtub, privatize everything etc etc

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300,000,000 million people in

300,000,000 million people in the US and an impotent Obama is all we get. You just gotta love this democracy.

If you take a look at Obama's

If you take a look at Obama's appointees to the Deficit Reduction Commission, what you'll see is a Republican's Dream Commission.

They've arrived carrying an axe for Soc. Security and just about every other social program. An up or down vote on their recommendations will absolve the pres. and Congress of any responsibility. They'll wring their hands and accept them to "save the nation". Just another scam.

Congress can expand the Supreme Court to provide new judges to over-rule the right wing wackos. It's membership is set by Congress, not the Constitution. The number of its judges has been changed from time to time. I don't see them doing that.

A Corporatist president with flowery rhetoric is still a Corporatist pres.

Whether an economic/environmental collapse is led by the Dem wing of the Corporate Party or the Rep wing of the Corporate Party is becoming irrelevant.

It isn't likely that Obama will appoint a judge who reverses his statement that he has the right to assassinate any American citizen he deems a risk to the state.

I'd suggest not protesting his wars, and defintely not protesting being thrown into poverty by the on-going meltdown.

"If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention."

Retired Monk - "Ideology is a disease".


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Well it just means we need to

Well it just means we need to vote more real progressives into congress then. And make sure real progressives win primaries. And until progressives have the ultimate hyper majority keep voting for the lesser of two evils. The republicans are great at getting us not to vote, or split our vote, or divide our voices. That's how it's been for the last 100 years I think.

Political activism and environmental activism are two different topics. They are often connected, but.. environmental activism has more direct channels. Politics changes too slow to save the environment in what would have to be overnight relatively speaking.

Icebergs that have been around for millions of years are gone. Thousands of species go extinct each year. The global temperature is steadily rising at about 1 degree per 10yrs. There would only be a couple thousand species that could survive a 20 degree increase. But people see these statistics and just buy an electric car, or recycle a little bit, token moves to make themselves feel better and then quietly worry without doing anything significant.

There is no real environmental movement. These things should be alarming, our global environment is crashing all around us. When it does crash I predict we will pick up and continue doing the exact same practices which got us to this point to begin with. Here, on this blog, we are preaching to the choir, because that's the only people who will listen anymore..

In the end you are right, Dem's and Rep's wont make much difference. Dem's might slow it down a bit in comparison, but most of their environmental legislation is token. But the Rep's scream even about that, so what the hell I vote for the lesser of two evils.. and don't stop talking about the issues.

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The point is not to get right

The point is not to get right wingers elected.  The point is not to hurt Obama's chances of winning- by all means vote for him and the Dems (although I advocate voting for the Dem candidates on the 3rd party lines in states where you can do that like NY).

However, don't apologize for this administration running to the right of not only Clinton and Carter, but Nixon...

The right-wing has no problems pushing the Repug candidates and it doesn't seem to be hurting their electoral chances (except Delaware).  Why is it that everyone goes nuts when someone on the left says that what is being done is inadequate.  Do we have to just sit back at take it when he throws the progressive agenda under the bus for convenience (please, sir, may I have some more...)?  Will apologizing for him in any way ever promote a liberal agenda?

Until we stand up for what we believe in- we are lost

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The left should only be

The left should only be apologists for themselves, for not pushing Obama hard enough.