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I keep hearing callers mention watching the show on Free Speech TV via DirecTV recently. What channel are you watching this on? I read it was on 348, but it's not even listed on the box. The audio podcast is good enough for me for this type of show and I refuse to pay for tv myself, but I'd like to know why I can't find it on a family member's DirecTV setup.


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I was surprised it would be

I was surprised it would be on "pizza man" John Malone's DirecTV.  I can figure Charlie Ergen's Dish Network because Charlie is more of a liberal.  FreeSpeech was TV on Dish way back when I had it earlier in the decade.  If it is on DirecTV I would think it would be on Comcast too.


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I can't find it on my Direct

I can't find it on my Direct TV.

I noticed they have Link TV

I noticed they have Link TV and I think MSNBC is in the basic package, unlike what I've heard about Comcast. I roll my eyes at the fact they mostly got it for the sports package, no offence to sports fans! These are progressive family members, They want to get Dish now, but I think they're locked into this one. By the way, they have a hi-def tv but didn't get HD service. Weird, they paid for everything else. I admit HD is pretty good for sports so it would be important to me if I were a fan. Strange that I can't find this channel on the list, yet some people seem to have it.

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According to 

According to

the show is nationally syndicated by the Free Speech TV Network on Direct TV (HD Version) channel 348, Dish Network channel 9415, on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (1p-2p ET) Channel 1, and on hundreds of cable TV systems around the country (in over 40 million homes - check your local listings).

According to,

How can I watch Free Speech TV on my television?
Free Speech TV is available 24 hours a day on DISH Network (channel 9415), on DIRECTTV (channel 348) and part-time on 200 cable affiliates in 39 states.
DISH Network: To watch us on DISH Network, you need to subscribe to this service and have a small satellite dish installed at your home. The monthly subscription fee is competitive with cable, often less. Visit for information on their many program packages. Free Speech TV is available on most DISH Network packages.
DIRECTV customers will need HD Access and HD equipment to view Free Speech TV. Visit for information on its packages.
Cable Stations: To see if your local community cable station broadcasts Free Speech TV programming, check out our local cable access affiliate list. If they do, we encourage you to contact your local station to let them know that you're watching Free Speech TV and to request more! If your local cable system is not listed, please call the public access station in your community to request that they carry Free Speech TV programming: it's free! Please visit our affiliates page to find more information on our Community Access Cable Affiliates Program. If you have further questions, drop us an email at jon(at)


Yet, it's not on her box.

Yet, it's not on her box. Maybe I should be more active on this, but it's her satellite bill, not mine! Everyone should be fighting for net neutrality though. I better get on it.

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It's odd only the HD version

It's odd only the HD version of DirecTV offers FSTV, it's not even an HD channel. Fortunately for me I have Dish, so no problems there..

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When I had FSTV on Dish back

When I had FSTV on Dish back in 2001-2003 it looked like an amateur network streamed off someone's home computer.  Video quality was very poor even for SD.  Of course these days you CAN run such a network even in HD off a home computer and it CAN look very good.  Just a big difference in the development of technology in the intervening years.  Of course I run into broadcast people who would stick their nose in the air at the consumer HD cameras of the mid-decade and prefer the blurry stuff their "superior" SD shot.  That is except for one local mainstream station's cameraman I got into a chat with at a news shot who was complaining the new HD cameras they were getting were going to be big and why they couldn't have something like I have?  Consumer cameras aren't industrial strength of course but he did have a good point. 

These days you can buy a Red Scarlet for less than $10K which does impressive HD video, in fact the best HD video I've seen.  That's because every frame is shot like a digital still camera so you have all the bells and whistles that digital camera fans have to shoot spectacular photos and low price.

I'm also amused how many content providers and studios are still afraid of shooting in 16:9 because they are still afraid of that rapidly dwindling 4:3 audience.




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One of the problems with news

One of the problems with news channels nowadays is they're so focused on the quality of presentation, and not the substance. I can tolerate the video being subpar, if the message is good and getting across clear. To point out one aspect, you don't HAVE to have someone on videophone to make a conversation worthwhile. A phone will always be sufficient.

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I recently learned that I can

I recently learned that I can only access FSTV on Directv if is subscribe to HD for $10/month extra along with over $200 in equipment set-up.

I just figure it's part of the same stuff we always get. They broadcast Faux "News" everywhere for free but we have to pay for access to the truth.