Ortega Changes Constitution While Government is off on a National Holiday Created By President Ortega.

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President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua last week ordered the revision and reprinting of that country's Constitution without the consent of Congress, which was out of session in recognition of a national holiday. The order was carried out by Congressman René Núñez of Mr. Ortega's ruling Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) Party. The new edition of the 1987 Constitution revived an old provision that expired more than two decades ago. The article, omitted from the current Constitution following a series of constitutional reforms in 1995, allows Supreme Court judges, electoral magistrates, and other government officials to stay in office beyond their term limits until new officials are appointed. The surprise restoration of the "forgotten" article without the prior approval of more than half of Nicaragua's 92 members of Congress has led to accusations that Mr. Ortega is consolidating power in order to rule indefinitely by ensuring that judges and magistrates who decide in his favor on constitutional issues, specifically related to presidential re-election, remain in their positions. Last year at this time we were chastising the people of Honduras for standing up for their constitution and expelling their former president for tying to change the Honduran constitution against the will of the people, supreme court and all branches of government. Where is our outrage now that Mr. Ortega has just arbitrarily changed the Nicaraguan constitution without the authority of the congress, or a legitimate referendum, and vote by the people of Nicaragua. This is when we should be condemning an act by a foreign leader and cutting off diplomatic and financial relations with a country. Not when they stand up for their constitution and rule of law like Honduras did. What is wrong with our world leaders for not seeing this? We seem to have things all backwards. We should have praised Honduras for not allowing the unlawful changing of their constitution, and we should be cutting ties with Nicaragua immediately until President Ortega rescinds his unlawful change of term limits to the Nicaraguan constitution.


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beg wrote: "Last year at this time we were chastising the people of Honduras for standing up for their constitution and expelling their former president for tying to change the Honduran constitution against the will of the people, supreme court and all branches of government."

poly replies: Actually, that isn't so. The Honduran pres. proposed putting a referendum measure on the ballot to re-write the Honduran Constitution. He himself wasn't eligible to run for election again. He wouldn't have appeared on the ballot.

It was the threat of writing a new Constitution after he was out of office that got him deposed by the Honduran oligarchy. The referendum proposal wasn't allowed.

Honduran employers are still allowed to pay Honduran workers with company currency rather than the nation's currency. A new Consttitution would have addressed things such as that.

The U.S. gave lip service to opposing the coup...and quickly re-instituted arms aid for the police/army to keep the Honduran people in their place as little more than serfs...along with praise from Hillary Clinton as being a fine example of democracy.

If the Nicaraguan Pres. makes Nicaragua more lucrative for U.S. transnationals, he'll be patted on the back the same as the "Coup President" of Honduras.

Had the coup attempt in Equador been successful yesterday, the U.S. would have praised it rather than condemned it and quickly rushed aid to keep the new regime in power..

The only people who get that the U.S. functions as a tyranny for transnationals are the victims.

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

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