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I'm going to post a couple of links detailing that one callers comments about the circumstances of Carly F. being fired from HP.

The first url comes from one of Carly's gop rivals from this past primary election <a href="">Al Ramirez</a> on his blog. 

Then there's this one from <a href="">Political Correction</a>, through Media Matters.

A finally, from Business Week, a kinder, gentler view of <a href="">Carly's ouster.</a> 



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There are the reasons and the

There are the reasons and the behind the scenes.  All I know for sure is that the local HP employees would not avoid her were she standing in the middle of the road in the rain.  Nor would they convict anyone who did.  Jobs outsourced and work degraded.  Pure CEO crap.  Oh, and they are bad with sex and other things as well.

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That's why I can't see

That's why I can't see Fiorina winning the senate seat from Barbara Boxer.  Even California conservatives hate Fiorina.  But we have this sport in the state of letting the rich blow all their wealth on political campaigns and then voting against them in the election.  They particularly had fun doing that with Michael Huffington.


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I have felt that campaign

I have felt that campaign spending ought to be "taxed" with a buck for a buck going for human services to that spent.  Even a percentage tax would help.

But the pure "free market" solution of letting the rich throw their money into the media...Oh, sorry.  They are not giving it "back" to the economy, only to other princely players.  I hope the voters reject these clowns, and the spectacle of rich/ego politics may help expose why money ought never be confused with speech.  

If you want to have fun watching Carly fail, however, be sure to have a very large turn-out of Progressives and moderates.  Just getting turned off or watching it all on TV will make the comedy into horror and even a "reality TV Show" called American Politics.

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With regards to politics, I

With regards to politics, I don't see why people think that there's any benefit to having run a business as any goof, or sociopath, can run a business, and do. There's nothing in her career that would lead a rational person to think that she has anything to offer the electorate, except that she accepts right-wing dogma and was a CEO. Being a business person is not a prerequisite for governing well, even though a good business person may govern well.

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Yes, we have business people

Yes, we have business people running govt instead of statesmen running govt. Money rules, are we getting that message yet?