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The Bush Tax Cuts for Millionaires WILL expire on 1/1/11 UNLESS Congress re-authorizes them AND the President signs them back into law.

Democratic arguments about "Republican obstructionism" only go so far.

I am a Democratic Party Precinct Committee person, but I swear, here and now, that if this Democratic Congress affirmatively votes to extend the tax breaks for millionaires, and this Democratic President signs that extension into law, I WILL quit the party.

Are you listening Rahm? Are you listening Barack? Are you listening DNC Chairman Kaine?


Go ahead and quit the party.

Go ahead and quit the party. You don't sound like much of a left-winger anyway. Quitters like you make me sick with your threats and whining. Go be a republican, and enjoy the $4.00 per gallon gas that you and your right-wing lovebirds will be bringing back to America as soon as they can.

"This bird has two wings."

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kwikfix wrote: You don't

kwikfix wrote:

You don't sound like much of a left-winger.  . . Go be a republican . . .

LOL . . . that sound you are hearing is the sound of everybody I know laughing their asses off at the idea of ME "not being much of a left-winger" and, even funnier, ME being a Republican!!

I put up with it when the Dems threw Progressives under the bus on: the public option; and by not breaking up the "too big to fail" banks; and by not putting caps on credit card interest rates; and by not  stopping unconstitutional warrantless wire tapping; and by not closing GITMO; and  by not holding the Bush adminsitration responsible for its war crimes; and by not passing a comprehensive energy policy after the BP oil spill; etc., etc., etc.

If the Dems throw Progressives under the bus again, on something that is so ANTITHETICAL to "traditional Democratic values" as "tax breaks for millionaires" then I would have to be STUPID to stay in the Democratic party. 

If, as you say "this bird has two wings," why is it that it is ONLY the Progressives who get thrown under the bus?  I challenge you to point to one issue in which Obama (figuratively) and Emmanuel (literally) have told ConservaDems - like you -  to "Fuck Off."

Steve and Kwikfix....Sticking

Steve and Kwikfix....Sticking to the issues rather than calling other members names is how the board works. Read the rules on the entry page.

Personally, I see Bush's Third term coming along as expected.  right along with Bush's appointment to Head  the Fed  becoming Obama's appointment to Head  the Fed.

The Fed scheme of loaning banksters interest-free money to loan back to the government so the banksters  can earn interest on it is pure genius. Guess who gets to pay the interest.

If the Fed gave me 30 or 40 billion bucks so I could loan it back to them and collect interest from the taxpayer, I'd jump on the bandwagon as well.

Trickle down and sucking every last dime from the working man is alive and well.

The money supply on Main Street shrunk 6% last year.  Give you three guesses where it went. (HInt: the money poured into financial markets increased)

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It is a testament to their PR

It is a testament to their PR people that the phrase "trickle-down" ever got any traction in the first place.

Who, except the most self-flagellant monks, ever hoped for a trickle of anything?

Somehow they managed to supplant the image of a 'trickle' with that of a 'flow'.  Especially when it's right in front of our face: Trickle down = Trick led own.

Today's job market problems (aside from all that dishonest money-changer stuff) are the direct result of letting dollars flow to the already wealthy while accepting that it is somehow fair that just a trickle come back.

Well, one year of flow probably equals more than 30 years of trickle.

Not sure how to measure the cost to the millions whose diminished lives and wasted potential can be tracked back to "trickle-down economics".

If Dems get booted out of

If Dems get booted out of office, they have a lucrative fall-back job as a lobbyist.

 Elected officials never vanish from Washington when they lose their elected seat...they move into the building down the street..... where they continue to write legislation and pass it on to their elected  relacement (with a donation) to be rubber stamped..

It reminds me of a local TV commercial..."Approved, approved, approved"..

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Steve.I.Am wrote: kwikfix

Steve.I.Am]</p> <p>[quote=kwikfix wrote:

I would have to be STUPID to stay in the Democratic party.

Go ahead and become a right-winger. This bird has two wings. If you are not a Democrat you are a republican. Go ahead and support the $4.00 a gallon per gas party. Another rat jumps ship.


Actually, Kwikfix...it's the

Actually, Kwikfix...it's the Dem Party that jumped ship...and left us on the sinking Titanic.

Bush's Third term is coming along just as expected. Can you really point to any substantial difference in policy?

Outsourcing is on-going, our foreign military adventures are on-going, renditions are on-going (to Abu Graib), the Patriot Act remains intact, trickle down remains core policy, we've re-activated the 4th Fleet, to keep Latin America in line,  landed marines in Costa Rica and are expanding military bases in S. America. The Fed continues plowing money into Wall St. banksters while the money supply on Main St. has shrunk 6% in just the past year. . Just exactly what is the difference between Bush and Obama?

Brand Obama says one thing...and does another. The Dems, and Obama, have jumped ship and left us on the sinking Titanic.

At some point you might get that the Corporate Party wins...no matter which wing of The Party.... , Dems or Reps. is elected.

 Hedges: "We've experienced a slow-moving coup d'état . It's accomplished. They [corporations/financiers] won. We lost."



"A dying elephant when it falls makes a big mess". Buy a shovel.

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Having "lost" does not mean

Having "lost" does not mean accepting it or living as losers.  The Imperial Coup and concomitant class war demonstrated the power of organized money to overwhelm an insubstantial political ideology and catechize the culture of entropy in the traditional manner.  The worst are filled with passionate intensity while the best lack all conviction.  Auden's formula is good social psychology.

The Left is still confused about its American identity while the Right has wrapped itself in its myths in denial of reality.  The appeal of "back to the Constitution" sours when one regards it as a practical document and historic marker in the early days of modern democratic governance.  We need to take a new look at what the tools of democracy are and how to use them to attain a truly participatory and publicly accountable government.  It is time to expose the fraud of Supply Side and the Phantom Wealth of Wall St.  

American electoral politics is not going to bring in a revolution unless the revolution is well under way.  There is little choice to make between doing what needs to be done and also doing what we can with a far less than great political structure.  The both/and beats the either/or every time.  If you want to do one instead of both, fine.  Just don't look at the people doing the other part as your enemies.  The people opposed to democracy are.

I am not justifying the centrist incremental in any terms other than the existing pathology.  Bad as it is, the health care reform does save lives.  None of what compromise brings needs to be the end of the process.  Nor can we look upon the strategic choices of battles to avoid as if all options are open.  Taking a stand makes political sense when the people are behind you.  It is about getting out ahead of the parade that is already in the street.

Would we like a modern democracy?  Instant run-off voting anyone?  Why not just go parliamentary like the smart shoppers have?  Why not talk about what makes sense instead of debating the Constitution with Fundamentalists?  Why not take on the present pathologies instead of accepting them as given?  If Obama cannot or will not say it, say it for him.

I was kind of flattered by the idea of a "professional Left."  I think it is time to get past the amateur hour.  Outside and inside, the enemy is corporate dominance and corporate money.  But the distress is the loss of a moral vision, and even if that moral vision was part of a messianic story that needs to be discarded, the idea that we are building a good society able to win the respect of the world is worth retrieving.  The American Dream was never about individuals getting fabulously wealthy.  It was always about the good society where liberty and justice are for all.  

Unless coroporate domination

Unless coroporate domination of the state is addressed...everything is else is for naught.. That has to be the number one priority..

The time-frame before an impending economic collapse merges with environmental collapse isn't all that big. One is bad enough., and  the two, when  combined, will be catastrophic..A Corporate State can't address either...Solutions  contradict corporate and financier  interests..

Retired Monk - "Ideology is a disease"..



If you want to go back to the

If you want to go back to the Bush reign of terror, go ahead and become republicans. $4.00 per gallon gas.   That's what you're looking at.  President Obama has had 2 years to fix 30 years of Reaganomics.  If we let the republicans back into power, America will look like Dresden after the bombing.

 .                 "Remember New Orleans"

Repugnants will probably

Repugnants will probably obtain majorities in both houses in the mid-term elections because Dems have been abject failures. They've maintained Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush policies...and even expanded on some of them. A new Repugnant Congress will do the same.

The nation is heading for economic and enviromental collapse because there is no ideological shift from neo-liberalism......by either party. Their disagreements are in implimentation...not substance. It's the substance that's the killer.

It really doesn't matter who the captain of the Titanic is when they all wear blindfolds and ear plugs.

As Heges notes, "We've experienced a slow moving coup d'état. it's accomplished. They won. We lost". . Watch the video...and get back to me.


The Corporate State is the new reality.

 Both parties function as its operatives.

The focus should be on addressing that...not on party loyalty. .Until it's addressed, the nation's problems can't be solve. The solutions contradict the interests the state is now designed to serve. 

Retired Monk - "Ideology is a disease"

polycarp2 wrote: Actually,

polycarp2 wrote:

Actually, Kwikfix...it's the Dem Party that jumped ship...and left us on the sinking Titanic.

Wrong. We Democrats did not jump ship. We stomped the republicans in 2008 and the right-wing cannot STAND it. Thus we get a lot of rhetoric and butt sludge from our enemies. We won. they lost. Do not interpret this as anything other than a great Liberal Victory. If you don't like President Obama, join the republican party. I myself am pleased to be a member of the party in power.

NYC Lefty
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Hey- no worries about being

Hey- no worries about being called a closet right winger or whatever Kwikfix is calling people who actually stand up for their principals rather than caving in with the rest of the Dem party. He did the same to me on another post.  He does not come out with any policy ideas that he supports- just name calling.  It seems to me that name calling in the absence of real policy ideas is a sign of ignorance in regards to policy and politics.  People who do this are followers who just need to be lead.  Today Barack Obama, tomorrow Glen Beck.  Ideology is not important to a follower.  

Regardless of names or threats, I will not be an apologist for this president or this party.  The left helped elevate these people into power- their thanks is to ignore us, push us aside and run away from our ideals.  In this undemocratic system, we have nowhere else to go in their minds.  True, I have never and will never vote Repug- but I have worked national, state and local campaigns since Mondale- when I was 14- and I am just about done with the Dems now- no more working, no more money, and I will vote for their candidate on small party ballot lines so as to empower the other parties without losing the races.

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kwikfix wrote:I myself am

kwikfix wrote:
I myself am pleased to be a member of the party in power.

That's the problem with the DLC/ConservaDem mentality.  For you just being in power is an end in itself.  

Power is wasted if its not used to agressively promote core progressive values for the betterment of society.

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Remember how good it felt

Remember how good it felt when Obama got elected? To me it was like a big sigh of relief; like the responsible people were finally in charge again and everything was going to be alright.

Fast forward to two years later and we can't even get the President to publicly say he will veto attempts to extend the tax break that is allowing billionaires to basically loot our treasury.

We watched him and the Dems in congress give away the wildly popular public option without even putting up a fight.

We watched the Dems give up on real finance reform.

We watched Obama and the Dems refuse to even try to pursue significant climate change legislation.

We watched them continue the Bush policies of torture, rendition, and holding prisoners without trial.

It seems like Obama and the rest of the Dems in power only want to spit in the face of their base supporters and then dare us to vote for anyone else. I know at this point I couldn't vote for any of these guys again and be able to sleep at night.

I think all of us that supported Obama in '08 and Dems in '06 and this year need to ask ourselves:

If we vote for these same people again, how Progressive are we really? Do these people really represent our values?

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Well said, Malencid.

Well said, Malencid.

I limit my voting for the

I limit my voting for the lesser of two evils to the primaries. Had Kucinich been the Dem candidate, I'd have voted for him in the general election.

I voted Green party...and was blasted on this forum for doing that. However, I didn't waste my vote rubber stamping more of the same.

It was pretty obvious Obama was all rhetoric and no substance...if one really listened to what he was saying. All things to all people. His campaign was named the most successful marketing campaign of the year.....ahead of Apple. Brand Obama still says one thing....does another.

I work within the Dem Party in an attempt to change it..., and seldom vote for its candidates.

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kwikfix wrote: Go be a

kwikfix wrote:

Go be a republican, and enjoy the $4.00 per gallon gas that you and your right-wing lovebirds will be bringing back to America as soon as they can.

Really? You think high gas prices are the fault of the Right wingers? Lol..

Take a look at the rest of the planet, my friend. We FAR AND AWAY have the cheapest gasoline prices. It's because we consume so much of it. The figures tend to vary from source to source but a common one suggests that the USA consumes almost 50% of the worlds gasoline. Which means that the rest of the entire planet has to get by on the half that we don't use.

All of these programs that the Progressives want to enforce will require so much borrowing and inflation to fund that $4.00/gal for gasoline would create waiting lines for miles after it's all said and done. 

I fear that we're going to see a dramatic rise in oil prices (in dollars) REGARDLESS of what happens, at this rate. The currency here is in a damask corner and it will NOT escape from it easily. Most everyone living here will see a dramatic lifestyle change and unfortunately I don't think there's much that can be done to stop it. The real question is, how long will our current economic policies drag it out for? The more aggressively we make the necessary cuts, the less time it will take for a proper recovery. The more we try and prop up this broken economy, the harder it will fall and the longer it will take to heal.

Gas prices likely won't even matter to you and I because we'll only be able to afford to ride our bicycles.


Cheesbone wrote: "The more

Cheesbone wrote: "The more aggressively we make the necessary cuts, the less time it will take for a proper recovery"

poly replies: Actually, even Hoover finally got that cuts didn't work....they made things worse.. Don't worry....we're going the cut route. Things will get worse.

The more we cut,Main Street the greater the drop in consumer demand. The slow ride to collapse will become a freefall.

$11.4 trillon in bailouts and guarantees to banksters and derivative players rather than $80 billion to bail Main St. making the bailouts unnecessary was a fatal ideological error.

The military budget will remain intact...or grow. We'll still be shelling out $400 a gallon for gasoline in Afghanistan and paying private firms triple what we pay our own men in uniform .

The 200,000 mercenaries in Iraq alone are a bit expensive. A hefty profit made on each one of them. But hey....profits have to come from somewhere. Maybe we ought to abolish the nation's public armed forces entirely and let the good times really roll ..

We can pay for  our wars  by eliminating food stamps and low-income housing. That will increase the  consumer demand for Chinese tents...and Thailand ladders for easier dumpster picking of rotted lettuce.

Since an economy based on finance and outsourcing didn't turn out very well, maybe an economy based on scavangers will do better. At least, that seems to be the take from the top. Cut everything.

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I think Obama know capitalism

I think Obama know capitalism is as dead as slavery is/was.I think he is using reverse psychology on some issues(terrorism,drug war,safety-net,etc.) knowing we`re getting very angry and hoping we take it out on the republicans. And most important,he giving both sides time to get their act together.Neither side is ready for the fall of capitalism,nobody has a plan for what`s "next"? Anybody ready for "Dark-Ages in Climate-Change"? We better start talking about a "Plan",we wasting time we don`t have to spare.