Who can we blame for job losses?

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Quote DRC:

In America for the past several decades, business regulations have been written by those regulated rather than by the public's interest for the most part. This is why we subsidize their profit-making activities even though we lose the jobs and don't get any taxes back. In the New Gilded Age, our Robber Barons continue the tradition of the American treasury as their Piggy Bank.

Agree, agree, agree!!!! This is exactly one reason why we need to remove governments ability to interfere in the first place! If they CAN'T make regulations, then no amount of corruption and money can "Buy" new regulations that help the big corporations at the expense of the small business owners (and ultimately the citizens).

The fear of failure is a stronger force than the desire to succeed, most frequently. Which is why the majority of people are emlpoyees, and not employers.

The government's attempts to "protect the consumer" usually just result in higher prices and less competition because it absolutely does drive out small businesses by making it too expensive for them to stay in business in the first place. Certain areas are more heavily affected than others but the basic principles still apply. What's worse is when the government tries to facilitate the creation of these businesses and loans as it undeniably ends up in bubbles and further malinvestment, requiring more painful corrections to rebalance the economy when the malinvestment is exposed and all that's left to show for it is the debt that was accumulated in the process.

And then of course we bail out banks and stimulate the economy to try and maintain artificially high housing prices, prop up these businesses that should have never existed in the first place, so on.. there is NO amount of stimulus capable of fixing this problem unless we can simply create a machine that produces REAL wealth and assets and not a printing press spewing out dollar bills that will eventually be worth less than the paper they're printed on.

Just let the market do it's job. Yes, it will be painful. Yes, there will be a dramatic decline in living standards. Yes, we will lose a LOT of jobs. Like it or not - what we see happening in Greece is exactly where we're headed. But at least we'll recover within a few years if we stopped hiding the problem. At the rate things are going with all of this intervention, I fear that hyperinflation is the next major crisis we'll see here in the USA, and that kind of mistake will take far more than just a few years to correct.

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Sep. 1, 2010 9:18 am

As long as any system is in place that allows some to become powerful enough to buy government, or to build their resources to capture it by force as in early despotism, you'll ultimately end up with government of, by and for the few. The only exceptions to that in all of human history have been egalitarian socieities.

What you're really advocating, Cheesebone, is a termporary respite from that whether or not you're conscious of that being the outcome..

Retired Monk - "Ideology is a disease"

Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

Cheesebone, my point is that when the mob captures the police department and turns it into their creature, the answer is not just to fire the corrupt cops. You have to take down the mob, so you need a really good police department.

The problem of captive government is not solved by abolishing government. To begin with, "the economy" requires a State. Commerce is a subset of our social lives, and the institutions established by law to form "an economy" come from the State. We, the People, do know better what we need socially than do the Captains of Industry. Economic competition has not demonstrated any ability to produce a free market rationality where quality and efficiency really win. Cheating, stealing and fraud have paved the way to fortune far more than has innovation and design excellence. Marketing and finance run this economy.

My reform plan involves turning the focus of economic thinking to real value and away from "money." Money is the symbol of real wealth, and we need more clarity about what is really of value to call bs on the financialists as they stage their Casino Magic shows.

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

At the end of the day, the mob is only violent because their main source of revenue comes from drugs and prostitution, both of which should be decriminalised and we all can probably agree that removing the regulations from these areas would make a "black market" for drugs and sex virtually profitless and the mob would likely evaporate anyhow. So if the mob takes over the police department - remove the regulations that made them powerful in the first place.

Now I don't want this to turn into an "anarchy rules" thread because I absolutely believe that government has a place in the well being of a country. Our problem is that we simply have too much of it, and it's killing us. A little salt makes some food taste great - eat a whole jar of salt and you'll kill yourself. If the chef keeps putting more and more salt in your food and you become more and more dissatisfied with the taste - either hire a new chef who understands how much salt should be used to liven up the food, just take the salt away from the old chef and he can't screw it up anymore. The food without the salt is at least healty, although maybe not as tasty.

If our government simply stayed within the confines of the constitution, we'd have avoided this entire disaster before it even started. I've said it before - the fear of failure is the strongest motivator. And actual failure is the strongest regulator. Government has the ability to remove failure from the equation, and they've done it FAR too many times in the last decade.

When your personal business fails - you go bankrupt. You lose your income. When our government fails - they just get bigger. They appropriate more money to "try again" and just make the same mistakes on an even larger scale.

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Sep. 1, 2010 9:18 am

Governments generally fail when they prop up systems that don't work.

Ours is still propping up outsourcing. It's still propping up capital flight. It's still propping up health ins. firms ...with added huge subsidies for the poor. It's still propping up Wall St. gambling with a finance reform bill that isn't and interest free money for the banksters to play with.

It's still propping up a failed monetary structure...one that always leads to a deflationary collapse when lending slows..Easy credit just postponed the inevitable.

It's still propping up wealth concentrations that lead to its own capture.

You'd have to step on some pretty big toes to change all of that...and it isn't politicians toes you'd be stepping on.

"We've experienced a slow-moving coup d'état . The coup is accomplished. They won. We lost." - Christ Hedges.


Whenever large wealth concentrations are allowed, government ultimately gets captured by those wielding it. That's just the way it is. The Ceasars weren't paupers.

You can put a million people on the Washington Mall demanding a return to what you consider Constitutional Government, and it won't happen. The army has some pretty big guns.

Retired Monk - "Ideology is a disease"

Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

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