Soros vs Koch Bros.

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The Rightwing media has spent years relentlessly villifying the name Soros. Teapublicans think that he is the devil by now.  The only thing these tools care about  is the national debt. They laugh when you say for the good of the people or the planet so you have to keep it simple.

This is the rebuttal I gave a Teapublican yesterday. By the way. The RW media has made them believe Soros isnt a US citizen too.-

 . Soros is a US citizen and is spending his donations AGAINST his own SELF interest as he, being in the top 1%, will have to pay MORE taxes if the Dems win!

He thinks like Gates and Buffet who want higher taxes on themselves and other billionaires-they care more about their COUNTRY than their own bank account. Its called PATRIOTISM.

On the other hand Rightwing Billionaires like Murdoch and the Koch brothers who vastly outnumber left-wing billionaires want their own taxes reduced. Its called selfish GREED.

so·ci·o·path :    a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or  SOCIAL CONSCIENCE.    



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I disagree about Soros.  On

I disagree about Soros.  On social issues he is indeed a liberal, but when it comes to economics he is as neoliberal as they come.  Any cursory reading of his books will prove that his economic views are closer to Friedman's than to Krugman's.  Moreover, his Open Society Institute advocates neoliberal economic thinking in eastern Europe.  I was born in Bulgaria and follow the developements there; currently there is a pension reform in the works.  When the premiere proposed raising the social security withholdings from employers Open Society's chief economist in BG, a fellow by the name of Georgi Angelov, basically tried to refute the proposal by using typical neoliberal arguments.  BG is a neoliberal paradise:  a 10% flat tax, lowest tax burden in all of the EU.  Not coincidentally it is also the poorest member of the EU, with average salaries of 300 euro, virtually non-existent middle class, and lowest average life expectancy for males.  And this sorry state of affairs is precisely what Soros' Open Society defends. The whole point is that we will be wise to view Soros with extreme caution, he supports some great causes and some that no progressive would ever agree on. 

BTW, I am a new member but not a troll or a paid stooge.  Listening to Thom on WCPT this afternoon I did get really riled up by his defense of Soros.  In my humble opinion it was not warranted.  I did benefit from a Soros scholarship, but his economic views and activities are deplorable. 

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Thom's point was that Soros,

Thom's point was that Soros, unlike the Koch Bros., does not promote ideologies that line his pocket.  He may believe in Neoliberal economics, but he has criticized the kind of banking deregulation and currency games he exploited.  He is not advocating the Robber Baron version of modern Corporate Capitalism.

It is the good causes Soros has supported that these attacks on him are about.  I am perfectly willing to stipulate that all your charges against Soros for his support of the BG economic condition, but his role as a counter to the influence of corporate revenue streams in our politics or to the thugs using their money to defend their power and wealth against democracy is pure hyperbole and partisan rhetoric.  He does not do the same things they do or profit from them like they do.  

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DRC,Right-On,nobody is

DRC,Right-On,nobody is perfect and because somebody support one thing don`t mean he support everything a person does. Ven,Thanks for info.Is Mr.Soros "Bipolar"? Why does he help and hurt?

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How many liberal Soros' are

How many liberal Soros' are there? It's so funny: the Republicans villify one guy who's pretty insular about his activities.  While on the Right, there's so may more billionaires actively investing in furthering their agenda.


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Republicans are pro's at

Republicans are pro's at talking out of both sides of their mouths. Soro's, American unions, and American left-wing citizens can't donate or fund raise, but Koch bro's, and trans-national mega-corporations based in the Cayman Islands and China need their free speech protected.

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Hi DRC, thank you for the

Hi DRC, thank you for the reply.  I got Thom's point and I agree with you as a whole, but my point was that we shouldn't ignore the wrong things that otherwise decent people stand for.  Reality rarely is black or white, mostly it is grey.  If we think exclusively in absolute terms we would act as the proud 'know nothings' of the delusional tea bagger party.  Suffice it to say, Open Society is a large proponent of the very economic policies that hold millions of people in the ranks of working poor, in BG as well as in other former communist and third world countries.  The pension plan as supported by Open Society would raise the retirement age for males to 63 with minimum of 40 years of work history.  In a country where there is chronically high unemployment and grey employment where people under the table with no SS withholdings, and where the average male life expectancy is 67.5 years,  this is tantamount to telling the people to work till they drop.  Its just so unbelievably wrong.  My dad died 10 months ago at the age of 61 without ever being able to enjoy one day of retirement, and I don't wish that on anyone, in the US or in BG.  I still can't get over losing my dad, we were so close, so when I read two weeks ago about Open Society's stand on pension reform and heard Thom's comments today I simply could not stand silent.  I am sorry but I will offer praise and suport where warranted, and offer unsparing criticism when its well deserved.  I am truly thankful to Mr. Soros for the scholarship which enabled me to attend a top flight university, but I am not going to spare criticism on his economic views and activities.  I am fully Americanized by now, to the point where I am a US Army veteran, but as a naturalized citizen I still have family and friends in the old country so naturally I am concerned about what kind of life they  will live if Mr. Soros' Open Society convinces the government to follow its neoliberal economic nonsense.  Thank you for the great conversation!

Edit: Hi tayl44, I can't presume to know the answer to your question, I will only say that I hope the good outweighs the bad.  Mr. Soros is obviously a complicated guy (and full of contradictions), but I do believe he means to do good for society as a whole.

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Venzie,Thanks for your well

Venzie,Thanks for your well meaning post. Condolence for your father. Welcome to America and helping to make it better.