White America has lost its mind!

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The Tea Party, two immoral unconscionable unwinnible wars, three trillion given Wall Street and the financial sector, inability to help the unemployed or pass the Small Business Loan act show market fundamentalism has entered the phase of total incompetence.

The me-society, the majority society, has lost its way and needs the immigration society.

Maybe diversity is the focal point, not consensus.

Here's a link to a long article in The Village Voice, Sept 29, 2010,


also click on www.freespeech.org, www.grittv.org, www.onthecommons.org and www.buzzflash.com



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I'm a white American and I've

I'm a white American and I've almost lost my mind... trying to figure out what's wrong with these people!

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RyanClark wrote: I'm a white

RyanClark wrote:

I'm a white American and I've almost lost my mind... trying to figure out what's wrong with these people!

Move over, I'm getting on board this wagon. And here I thought everyone else was crazy, what a relief to learn it's only me . . . and Ryan.

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That was a pretty strongly

That was a pretty strongly worded article. It brought up some very valid points. It made me consider another...

People say Obama is not aggressive enough with progressive policies. That he's not Franklin Roosevelt. Limbaugh and company already say Obama has a deep seeded hatred for white men and is in some black state of mind that makes him crazy essentially.

Can you imagine what they would say if Obama actually talked to that white racist crowd and "got angry". He'd be completely disenfranchised because to the supremely racist teabagger movement he'd come off as a black panther gangster out for white blood. They'd say look at that angry black man, angry at us good white people just because we are white.

Roosevelt could scream and get mad, he was a powerful white man. There is a difference, and Obama is smart enough to realize it. Even being as quiet and "bi-partisan" as he is, he is still race-baited...

I'm a White American, and part of me would love to see Obama "kick some butt" as he put it that one time he was being extra forceful and called out on just that by the right. Actually I would like to see him get angry, maybe even a little crazy.. hungry for change, ready to take down abusive mega corporations. If he got angry, it would make the racists really racist so then it'd be all out in the open and the GOP would even more so show their true color, which is lack of color and rejection of any color. But that wont happen.

Quote:I'm a White American,

I'm a White American, and part of me would love to see Obama "kick some butt" as he put it that one time he was being extra forceful and called out on just that by the right.

I'm an upper middle class white American and ALL of me would love to see this administration "kick some butt".

Unfortunately, as you pointed out:

 Can you imagine what they would say if Obama actually talked to that white racist crowd and "got angry". He'd be completely  disenfranchised...

Under normal circumstances I avoid "politics" like the plague. Personally, I see the whole thing as something that has evolved into a goofy ass dog and pony show performed to suck up and play up to lobbyist and bankster corporate economic bull sh*t.  

In fact, I think ANY President, (left or right) goes into their role with the best intentions but soon finds out the goofy ass dog and pony show is what keeps the socio-cultural/economic wheels spinning.  But that's just me. And, what do I know? ;)

Anyway, getting back to the excellent point of your post... ... My hat is off to Obama. He's been able to remain cool and collected. I seriously respect him for that. I doubt I would be able to do the same.

Obama, (being the first black President), is smart enough to know he can't be aggressive with citizens such as these....

....but, maybe Joe Biden, (as the 47th WHITE Vice President but the FIRST white Vice President to serve under the very FIRST non white president), can! Maybe Biden can get his self off the back burner and start commandingly addressing these sorts of issues. 

But, those are just my thoughts and observations. And I could very well be wrong.

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Yea, Biden needs to step up a

Yea, Biden needs to step up a bit more vs the white racists, I'm sure Biden is busy behind the scenes, but you never hear anything about Biden, and if someone has to step up against them it should be him, someone needs to call it out in the open for what it is and stop pretending like it isn't happening. Maybe it's been focused group and they just figured out that everyone is just too damn racist. God I hope not.

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Divide & Conquer,this thread

Divide & Conquer,this thread is a perfect example.Would this be a race problem in China? The "System" is the problem.(the same for China) Divide & Conquer,will we ever learn?

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The way I view the "System"

The way I view the "System" is the mega corporations find the cheapest easiest to exploit group of people and go down the list until everyone is exploited while convincing the people that the only way to survive is to continue doing what made them exploitable in the first place.

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some blacks are nice to me, some are not

im white and native american

some whites seem too paranoid over little things and very unfriendly -many are friendly

obama has nothing much i dont think

blacks seem to vote the race aND NOT THE PERSON

glenn beck bores me

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whats do you think of micheal

whats do you think of micheal steele? black republican


james brown was a republican


if he was here he would go crazy and join the tea party



YouTube - Moody Blues - I'll Go Crazy (live) - France


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Michael Steele has become the

Michael Steele has become the GOP Vaudeville show in authentic blackface.  His interview on ODonnell's show was pathetic.

I have stopped being a White man, and have enrolled as a European American Protestant.  It is my authentic ethnic and parochial heritage, and how it has played out in America matters to how I understand my American identity to a significant degree.

The reason I have repudiated "White" is that it is both a lie and the key term for racism.  All other "people of color" identities are reactions against the negative stigma of White superiority that was established and operative in our culture.  Even after we have pulled the plug on public embrace of eugenics and White "exceptionality," it is hard to get the residue out of the culture, and it flares up because White identity is sick.

It is impossible to be White and to see others as equals because the White only allows them to join the White club.  It is still the White image applied to others rather than an ecumenical mutuality where all human ethnic and parochial identities are authentic.  

If we grasp that White is an insane narcissism rather than an embrace of our humanity, we would not see the Tea Party wracked with grief at the loss of the White entitlement to American culture and citizenship.  It would not be about the brand America presents being "corrupted" by lesser races and cultures, not to say lesser religions.

White blindness creates fear and anxiety where being able to see the human face of others would bring joy and relief.  Being "out of communion" with our fellow human beings on earth is not soul satisfying at all.  Being superior to others leads to resentment of them for failing to appreciate how much good we are doing for them.  Sound sick enough?

I recommend giving up White for human.  Be who you really are, not what White racist myths and American Exceptionalism nonsense has turned you into being.  Join the human party as you rejoin the human race.

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I'm not so sure I want to

I'm not so sure I want to join the human race. I've met a few humans, I've even seen them drive.

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DRC,I wish Thom would repeat

DRC,I wish Thom would repeat your post on the "air",your point is well put. You really want to get the "divide & conquer" people upset,translate your post to a language the uneducated can understand.Do it "anonymous".

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ha ha youll always be white

ha ha

youll always be white to the blacks

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FoxMulder, you are dead

FoxMulder, you are dead wrong.  Black people have proved that to me by adopting me and treating me as "one of them" instead of as a visiting White man.  Took them about a year to check me out, but when they started convincing other Indy black folk that I was black despite having the most melanin deficient flesh in existence, I believed them.

When we embrace our own authentic European American identity, and have an ethnicity instead of being the human blank slate, others can find equality with us in a relaxed, human relationship.  Anyone who has grown up in America and who loves rhythm and blues and jazz is partly "black."  Black people who grow up in America are deeply influenced by a lot of "White" stuff as well as the legitimate cultural mix of plural ethnicities.  Latin and Black mixes great in music.  

This is why I distinguish "White" as a narcissistic insanity rather than an ethnic perspective.  It might be interesting to offer grief counseling to the Tea Party folks instead of ridicule.  

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FoxMulder,"Free Your Mind

FoxMulder,"Free Your Mind From The White Matrix".Get help if you need it?DRC,any ideas on freeing these people from the "Matrix's"?

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I can't help anyone change

I can't help anyone change unless they want to.  I can offer some advice and try to clarify why "White" is a toxic identity and a false one as well.  But I cannot purge the effects of cultural reinforcement about privilege and entitlements in their  American Century White narrative.  Until their sense of moral purpose and call as "chosen people" breaks apart, they will want to be in that very exciting story of glory instead of having to be human with others.

I can say that when you "go black," you don't go back.  Crossing the line between "White and Black" was an entry into a human community of renewal and refreshment.  I was lucky enough to have similar experiences with gay and lesbian people and their community.  I learned a lot about heterosexism from them and grew up in the process.  The big message for others from me is that transcending these barriers has been fantastic and wonderful.  You want to go there.  You really do.

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I'll add that racism leads to

I'll add that racism leads to lacking the desire to improve yourself.  If I believe that I am born better than others I lose sight of the need to improve myself.  The idea of earning excellence gives way to the idea that I was born excellent.

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DRC,I think the best way to

DRC,I think the best way to free people from a "bad matrix's",is show them a better one.It`s our nature to want to do better.We know what`s stopping us,and we`re slowly coming together on what to do about it.The internet is a good matrix,it`s bringing the world closer.And posts like yours and others bring us even closer."We All Want To Go There"!

I think Frank said it

I think Frank said it well:

"You know somethin' people, I'm not black but there's a whole lots of times I wish I could say I'm not white!"

"Trouble comin' every day", from "Freak Out", Mothers of Invention,1966

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Sometime i wish i wasn`t

Sometime i wish i wasn`t "human".When we are non-human,we deserve all the trouble we can get. 

Note how often increases in

Note how often increases in social spending are frowned upon by white Americans because the "other" may get some benefit from it. In this economy, some now wish they had the benefits they objected to.

Cutting off one's nose to spite one's face, being against Universal Health Care for example,  because some undeserving "other" may get it is rampant.

Some even suggest cutting public education...privatizing it...and making it unaccessable for many Americans just so we don't have to educate illegals. It's nuts.

Retired Monk - "Ideology is a disease"


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Poly,some people are

Poly,some people are "brain-wash",but most people when they hear the facts,will do the right thing.Progressives are "nuts",if we don`t get control of the "message" from corrupt corporate media.We need to support progressive media more then ever now! And they need to "Communicate" with the less educated! "Free their Mind from the Matrix's". (capitalism)