America in 50 years?

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I will try and keep this short .

Does anybody want to write a picture of America in 2050.


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Hi Me. I will take you up on

Hi Me.

I will take you up on this based on the previous 30 or 40 years.

Same old same old.

During the 60 we had to lower tax rates because of coming money issues and tax cheats.

During the Ronnie years we had to lower taxes because of the economy and to  get the economy going.

During the W years we had to lower taxes to keep the economy going .Things were so so so bad after the Clinton years that mass tax cuts were the only thing that could save us.

I notice this every 20 years or so but now.

Now it is become every ten years starting now, so I would guess it will become every 5 years screams of Tax cuts tax cuts tax cuts to save America and the economy for a decade then every President election and then finally every two years for congress.

All the while the country falls further and further in debt and a laughing stock to the world as we keep talking and trying to remind the world how powerful we use to be and the world amuses us and says yes Great America your the biggest and toughs kid on the block and thanks but no thanks we don't need more guns and bullets but thanks. You look tied go take a nap.

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Hey me answering me. What are

Hey me answering me.

What are you an Anti American rambling a hole?

Ps. Spell much?

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Hey me answering me and so on

Hey me answering me and so on and so on.

No I love my country but me asked a general question of what America will look like in 2050 and I was just saying that if histroy is any indicator we will get more and more demands for tax cuts and tax cuts and more and more fregret.

All I was saying about selling the world the tools of War then sell their enemies the tools of War to fight and keep the piece and on and on and on.

I'm just taking that out of the news these past several years of all the new weapons we have signed deals for to sell To Indian and The Kingdom and Israeli.. I Know there is many more countries like getting ready to arm up Japan to take the hit from China as a buffer before then can reach us and also the Phillipans... We also are arming up the Koren paninsala for war and we are getting ready to help The Aussies also as a buffer.On and on and on.

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Well you are a self hating

Well you are a self hating ,America hating ,socialist so what else is your make believe world looking like in 2050 jerk.

Any more liberal whining?

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Oh come on your the jerk not

Oh come on your the jerk not me I just wanted to hear from some people of what this nation may look like in 2050.


But if your asking I do wonder about little Joe and Mary.

I do wonder about the peak.The peak of workers who troll the fields or labor withtheir hands and blue collars.

If we look back to the begging of the century things were kind of like China is today.Mass factories and hours and work till you drop or get hurt and then out the door you went.

Overtime Unions formed and were able to get workers to stand up for themselves and companies to fight back and we started to have vacation time and pensions and sick days and personel time and company Christmas Parties and bonuses for all workers and the wages were not that far apart between those at the massive machines and those in the offices above them.

As the years have gone by  we had the Rise of the beast. WALLSTREET

So over the decades we had to offer up and trade the companies on the market and then we needed and the Beast demanded higher returns and earning and to appease the Beast we fed it first  to make it happy we got rid of Pensions and changed them to 401k and did company matching and we then called personel retirement accounts and the company matched your controbition and we called it something or another.

Well the Beast was not happy...


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Oh can I cut in here? Are you

Oh can I cut in here?

Are you a complete loon

Really do go on with your loser rant.

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Stop me from all the name

Stop me from all the name calling me.

All I was saying was the Beast still needed to be fed.

So we got rid of our pensions and started to remove perks to feed the so called bottom line.

Health care cost slowly then more quickly got turned over to the workers and off the books for the bottom line to help make the Beast happy.

But that was not enough so then we had to lay off people massive amounts of people's.

The Beast was happy and smiled for a while.The best part was those that lost their pensions and now had their own perosnel 401k's cheered as more and more and more were on paper made to look rich.The American dream feed by the blood and suffering of your neighbor was rising.


That was yeasterday but the Beast once more grew bigger and bigger and more powerfull. She was feed and as all American needed to consume more flesh and blood.


So we now had to move the factories over seas and close them down and buy them out and relocate them but hey it is only mannual labor we are a Proud and strong nation and don't need those nasty factorie jobs we have our White collar jobs.

So the beast now fed again grew bigger and stronger till she loomed over our head and looked down on us with glee at what we had become.

To feed her we came up with this and that and that Diveratives and package  deals and the greastest Brains that came out of Collages were hired in mass to come up with bigger and more mathamatic ideas to make more and more ways to make more and more on paper money and The Beast grew.

Comapnies slowly Got rid of raises. Health care was passed on to the workers ,pensions gone and then matching companie money to 401's were eliminated.Pay cuts across the land in all fields were the new norm..

The Beast seeing that all was gone moved on to the next table to feed on...

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I'm getting sleepy and as

I'm getting sleepy and as everyone else here stopped reading anything you have to say a long time ago so weirdo would you like to finish your thought before I tell you to get out of my country or would you like to finish first.

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Finish please. Stop calling

Finish please.

Stop calling me names again ok your making me mad.

All I was about to say was now that the People were drained and spent The Wallstreet had to find another place to Graze.

The Beast turned from the Companies then to personel workers and bleed them all dry and so where to go next....

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Oh do tell Einstin where?

Oh do tell Einstin where?

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Well where else but it

Well where else but it started to feed off it's self and after long she noticed how painfull this was and looked from above and saw the Nations of the world were large and full and appertiving.

Then the Nations of the world bowed down to her like they never ever did to the Gods they caimed to Wordship.

Money was giving ,more and more money was borrowed and then giving and on and on and the Beast now Rulled and owned whole Countries.

But as all things go the beast grew  cancer and had to get rid of it and so went...America, Iceland and then went Greece and Portagal and Irland and soon the whole EU.

Whole countries brought to it's Knees and only one could live and grow but how could you slew the Beast.

Whole Companies and peoples and then Whole Goverments can anyone save the world from the Beast....


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WOW your a wack job. I do

WOW your a wack job.

I do wonder though about the one sane part of your rant.

The part about the Peak of Workers.

If you were to chart it at the start of around the turn of the century it would bubble out sometime say around 1976 at the peak and start to go down from there.I wonder if you were to look across from today at the oppisite side we are on par with maybe 1951 and going down...

So enough with peak energy and oil we have new peak living.

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Well I suppose this thread

Well I suppose this thread kept you from having to create too many characters.  It must get confusing for you fellows, especially since none of you are exactly spring chickens..

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So I do wonder about the

So I do wonder about the Religious rise and fall also and where that will go.

Was it not just a handfull of years ago that it was imposible to consider electing a Catholic or a Roman Catholic now for the most part you can not be one.

The Rise and demand of the Religious right has been quite impressive over these last several decades.

So where will it go and how will it look in 2050.

In 1960's we Had the Kenndys and In the Seventys we had Carter and the rise began.

The eightys gave Rise to the religuious right and the Pat Robinsons and the 700 hundred club and tele preachers. They continued on to the Ninites and went on a rampage against the so called immoralls of America to they were able to take down a Predident for being an immoral evil person.

All the while growing in power were the Evanglist and the end worlders feed on by the books Left Behind...They finnally were able to take all power in One George W Bush.

The whole country was told for a decade that .... 

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Oh no here we go ,are you

Oh no here we go ,are you going to turn this into an Anti Israeli post?

You really need help.

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No i'm not NO NO NO . I'm not

No i'm not NO NO NO . I'm not Anti Jewish but am asking about the rise of our new Religuious fundmentist ways here in America and where it will go in the next hand full of decades.

The whole country read and grew in power a new this is the end of all life it's the final Chapter in the Bible we better choose sides we better pick Israeli and arm them to fight the beast. We need to listen to The words of our President and his father and invade and take over the Great Babaylon before it makes war on The Choosing Land and People's. We must take out Irag and it's power for the sake of the End Worlders as it was Written in the Left Behind books.

So if we take the 60's as the starting point of the rise of America new Religuios fundementalism and chart it does it peak out with the Invasion of Irag as told to do this by The Holy Father in the President's ear or is the peak still to come?

Did the Rise in Popuality of the Left behind books and their end ,end the Rise or is their out their somewhere a growing in power a new end worlder who Worships the ways of President Bush and is being brought up in a Church somewhere being told everyday that God has a plan and that Plan only involves one Nation and one Poeple and the rest of the world are mearly stage props to be used as tools to die so that the Nation Of Israeli will return to God.So when this new W rises and takes power will he or she decide thay to heay the Voice of the all knowing and seeing Father and invade and make war with the perceived enemies of the State of Israeli.

Who will those eneimies be, will it be Iran?

Will the Right and mighty power of the end worlders demand a new ruler who will with all the mass media training to look at anyone not of their faith as possible enemies and go back to the Middle East to make war on those they preceive as the Enemies and Beast of the Bible?

So it would alsmost look as if in fact the peak is yet to come of the new American Fundamentlism maybe around the election of 2020. By that time the Nation should be in it's third decade of Finnciaal ruin and as current President said when your down and looking for somewhere to turn during the bad time you turn to your Guns and Religion.

So the anger and depression will force the Rise of a new end worlder and relgious megomaninic here in America as the nation breaths it's last breath as a world power and want her former glory back.

War will rise lead by the call to protect our Allie and the Choosing People and Nation and make War on her eneimies as we are taught and taught and taught every week and day in our Places of Worship here in America.

Will the Rise and abilities of the Right to shut down and stop any ability of the Growing Muslim Peoples in America stop this rise to War or will they willing go along with it and Cheer it on so as to not Look Anti- American or Anti- Israel.

Will they be forced to Worship in Secret as to not up set the power of Americas religios Right.

No I think not .They will cheer on and encourage the war's in the MiddleEast also.

For another Decade America will go back to Irag and Iran and and Fight the Powers of the Middleast lead on by the New President and with the money backing of The Kingdom to use us as a proxy against His enemies.

The Rulers of the East will sit back and watch us fight and bleed and drain our treasury till our demise.

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If the question is the 50

If the question is the 50 year out prediction, the empire will have crashed and burned.  The domestic issues of governance will place environmental response first because money will have lost all "value."  How we are stewards of water will be more important than how our banks are organized.

The ghettos of wealth, if they are standing, will be museum tour attractions to provide an object lesson on the price of greed.  

If we have been good or lucky, we will get out of the empire business with the ease shown by Britain and France, that is kicking and screaming but unable to stop the process.  The more we resist the inevitable or rail against the facts of history, the more deeply we dig ourselves into our national grave.