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Well now that all the fun and games of the election is over....Let all the fun and games state about the lame congress begin.

What should be done?

1)Take the hits Mr. President.

2) Extend unemployment help to those out of work.Let the Republicans blame you for it and say they have to go along with it because why should they let the people be hurt because your policys failed.

3)Raise the debt ceiling.Yes you could let this turn into a political issue for the next congress but why bother.Just raise it and be done with it and then let the Republicans blame you for it.

4) Let the 9/11 bill come up and let the Democrats blame you for a slush fund and whatever.Just take the hits and get it over with.

5) If your going to agree to extend all the Bush failed recession tax cuts from ten years ago then at least trade up for something and add a ammendent to make unemployment tax free for the next ten years or till all the tax breaks are ended.Yes you may be called out for trying to buy people off but tell them flat out this is your deal breaker and let the people rise up and call congress for it.

6) Ha ha ha -Try and enlist the dems in congress to nominate and vote in Ms Bachman as the new leader in the house.Just for the pure fun of it and watch the Republicans force Ms Bachman not to run then watch as the tea totters scream for justice..

7) Yes just take the hits Mr. President and get rid of the Don't ask policy.Yes let the Republican bash and trash you ever more but come on,your allready an alien, secretly anti American,a commie, a Socialist and hate your Catholic Faith and on and on.Take the hits and end all these big fights before the new congress so that you can then be ready for the wars to come.

8) Mr President please please please start to talk down to me...I hear your interviews and the answers you give to them and yes there all very well thought out and bla bla bla.But they drone on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on till i'm brain dead. Keep them short, straight forward and to the point and do not be affaid to hurt the Republican feelings after all you and some on your staff have been more then willing to bash those of us on the left and bash us... Please speak with some sort of conviction also which might make another post all by it self.

Opps getting long sorry but Please Mr. President fight the good fight. You really have It would seem to have forgottting those that got you elected.

Just take the hits and be done with it.

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Liberal Man
Aug. 12, 2010 2:59 pm

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