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I love how either answer you are allowed to pick from still kinda results in blasting the Right in one way or another.

I have a similar poll, then:

Which of these two describes the gunman the closest:

A) Liberal psycho with mental stability issues


B) Cloud formation in the shape of a sailboat


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Hey it's "Fair and only

Hey it's "Fair and only Slightly Unbalanced"

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LOL - I'll high-five any

LOL - I'll high-five any whack at Fox News calling themselves "Fair and Balanced". I guess they gotta do something to look appealing to people who don't know any better.


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if we allow them to sit

if we allow them to sit seperately, we can see how partison they really are. If there scattered around the AMERICAN people wont know how they really think. watching how the different parties react to the speeches. to really see whos on whos side. what people a for and what they dont like. just a thought.

  I voted "No" to the poll,


I voted "No" to the poll, thinking similarily to ken607, and being only "slightly unbalanced" myself.  But in a way, I can see how they might as well all be mixed together, given how the two parties have merged ideologically, given how NAFTA, the wars, the Patriot Act, and other major issues, are supported by both sides in one way or another.  I mean, every day it's harder to tell them apart, so why not just let them look like the corporate party they all are anyway?

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The dude was

The dude was apolitcal.

Proabably a CIA nutjob like Oswald used to promote a gun grabbing agenda.

Rebelitarian wrote: The dude

Rebelitarian wrote:

The dude was apolitcal.

Proabably a CIA nutjob like Oswald used to promote a gun grabbing agenda.

Nope.  The dude's language reflected influence by the extreme right-wing.  Check it out:

And I'm thinking the new unified, single party system, reflected by a physically unified Congress, should be called, The Jackal Party.  (Jackal: "a person who performs dishonest or base deeds as the follower or accomplie of another.")

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The problem with

The problem with schizophrenia of the paranoid kind is that it does fixate on strange stuff and see huge personal missions or meanings involved.  I am very sympathetic with the needs of those who find "our" world too strange to parse.  I do not blame them for the voices in their heads, and when we do not provide any help for them, their loneliness can be the extra kick to delusional fixations.

It is not quite correct to call him apolitical when the environment around him was charged with the Arizona rhetorical intensity against "government."  I am not trying to make him a follower of anyone or a scholar of any particular political philosophy.  He did swallow the government as the problem meme from what he wrote.  He also saw an assassination as a heroic image or big media limelight; and he aimed at this rep because she did not answer his question to his satisfaction.  

He was crazy.  He was not channeling Palin or Beck as devotees, but their imagery and messages were part of the political culture of Second  Amendment Remedies, etc.  It may have been locker room talk rather than serious political philosophy or mobilization.  It was a very emotional kick to get voters to the polls.  It was also reckless and in violation of basic civility because it paints the other as the enemy and the disloyal opposition.

The essential quality required is not respect for our ideas, but for our being fellow Americans.  I think "real" Americans have to be in favor of democracy instead of the authoritarian alternatives.  If we cannot agree to support and defend the Constitution at that level, all the quibbling about its language and interpretation is beside the point.  I think this is a difficult question at this point for the  Right.  Do you believe in our ability to govern ourselves; and if so, why would you deny us the means to do so?

Are we going to hold the Economic Royalists to being loyal Americans who share our belief in democracy or allow them to rob us and rule us.

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As for the poll... I think it

As for the poll...

I think it would make more sense to have the senators groups by caliber.

Those packing .38 and above vs. the George W. sized ones (small and relatively ineffectual, except in large numbers or when assisted by surgery).

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So far as I am aware, no

So far as I am aware, no credible information exists in the public domain which would indicate that I had any input into, or association with those that did, in the giving of the White House code name: "Little Boots" to George W. when his father was associated with that building.

Upon reflection, it may turn out that when one spends as much time as say, Bradley Manning, isolated from the public, having only interaction with an arm that has, as part of its infrastructure, condoned all forms of torture - objecting not to the acts - but to the exposure of the acts - he can not help but lose himself.  Because if a key part of your belief system is that your country would never knowingly do such a thing - you have no anchor once you see that they do. 

On a completely unrelated note: some may find it informative to research artificial insemination and the incidence of certain types of twin births which occur from same - as compared to the general population.

harry ashburn
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c.) a liberal psycho in the

c.) a liberal psycho in the shape of a sailboat.

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harry ashburn wrote: c.) a

harry ashburn wrote:

c.) a liberal psycho in the shape of a sailboat.

LOL. "The answer is ALWAYS 'c'!"