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I just have about had it watching this country being extortrd by big business and big corporations they keep making demands and fail to reciprocate take away our taxes and we might develope some jobs not enough we don't want any regulations oh not enough dismantle unions and we will think about it it's discusting and and I can't beleive people aren't up in arms. Tim


When it comes to the issue of

When it comes to the issue of control,  not only is there coercion,  there is also deception.   Deception is a form of control because most people do not like doing things that they know that they would not have done if the truth was openly known.   Also,  not only is control exercised by big business and big government,  there is big labor and big religion.   Now,  I acknowledge that "big labor" is a necessity because workers are constantly being stepped on and abused.   However,  labor union strikes are a form of control,  whether I like to admit it or not.

This is the reason why I think that control should be deliberately minimized,  but not eliminated 100%.  I am open to feedback about this.

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The whole idea of a strike is

The whole idea of a strike is to cost the company more or equal to the amount sought in negotiations. If it cost more, and the company knows the cost of shut down, it is cheaper to offer the wages and not risk market share or brand damage.

The fact of the matter is there are hardly any labor unions anymore.

What you describe as workers

What you describe as workers trying to use the cost/balance of their work to make compamies see things their way during "negotiations" can only be described as control.   I do not call it negotiation to shakes hands with one hand while the other hand is strangling the other person's neck.   Yet,  knowing how workers are being abused,  I acknowledge that the management does do more than its fair share of the strangling.  Yes,   "big labor" is not an accurate term.  I will use a different term.  Thank You. 

A good example of this is a recent coal mine accident in West Virginia.   The person who owned the mine hated unions,  and had a business model that if the working conditions were dangerous and miners might die,  it was cheaper just to pay the government fines so as to keep up the profits.

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The strike is only used  last

The strike is only used  last during the course of good faith bargaining, and only then after a cooling off period, which also comes after a third party [DOL] representative has been invited to assist negotiations.

The company you mentioned makes more money by violating safety standards, sort of double down. The fine is a pittance, and the dead peasant insurance pays big. Dead employees don't collect pension either.

That is part of business in America, along with fraud.


Thank you for your

Thank you for your feedback!   All I can say is that deception is a form of control,  because people do not like doing things that they would not have done if they knew the truth.   What I am getting at with "control" goes beyond "business versus labor," and has to do with a society's culture.   While I would like to live in a world free from coercion and deception,  I must admit that some control is necessary for many reasons,  such as in the judicial system concerning prisons.   I just would like to keep control to a minimum,  and to find alternatives to it whenever posible.