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Other video podcasts play just fine and your old episodes still play fine. Here's what happens: About a third into the show, the video takes off as if I'm fast forwarding to the end of the show, while the audio is fine. But when the video gets to the end of the show it all stops. They play fine in my iTunes, but I'm just wondering if I'm the only one experiencing this problem.


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(I hit something on the

(I hit something on the keyboard that prematurely published my comment before I had a chance to edit it.)

I want to clarify that this a technical problem on my iPod (Classic). I believe that my iPod has little tolerance for the way The Big Picture is being encoded. The first few episodes played fine.

I re-encoded the podcast titled "Professor Harvey Kaye, Big Picture R" in Sony Vegas Pro 10.0. While the original version I downloaded does not work as previously discribed, my re-encoded version works great on my iPod.

I understand I may be the only person who's brought this up, but I can't imagine I'm the only one who's having this problem.  

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Hello We had one other report


We had one other report about this last week, that has been the only one so far.

We think it is something to do with specific versions of the iTunes/iPod software, but we have been unable to re-create the problem. The fact it plays OK in iTunes leads us to the conclusion that this is specific to the odd individual machine.

Not sure what help we can offer on this - sorry.

-Nigel-  Webmaster

I have exactly the same

I have exactly the same problem with my iPod Nano 8gb that dstack reports. My iPod is running the current version and no updates are available. I have been hoping the issue would go away, but finally decided to check the site and see that only one other person reported the problem.

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  I would also like to

  I would also like to report; I am experiencing the same problem with my 5th generation Ipod Nano.


DStack I restored my iPod 5th


I restored my iPod 5th Gen Nano to original and it still had the problem, went back to the current updates and it makes no difference. It behaves just as you describe.

I downloaded Vegas Pro 10 (trial) but don't know how you re-encode the video. Can you please give a quick overview? I'm tired of having to wait until I get home to pull up The Big Picture because I can't do streaming video at work.

Jim (Imaskeptic)

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My classic pod is not

My classic pod is not accepting the show either. Is it possible you guys could add an audio only option for The Big Picture in itunes?