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I must have the source of that letter from the older unemployed man "self-euthenizing" ...


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I followed the link from

I followed the link from Democratic Underground and found the entire letter here:


It's so tragic, heartbreaking.

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Thanks for that link. I'm so

Thanks for that link.

I'm so cynical and conditioned now, I wonder whether the letter is genuine. Or at least, I expect that right-wingers will claim it was fabricated.

And I'm already certain that Thom's comments just now about right wing "heartless psychopaths" and "killers" will be cited as proof that "both sides" are equally to blame for ramped-up violent political rhetoric. It's so predictable...

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There are a lot of us in his

There are a lot of us in his position. He voiced a lot of what I've been thinking and how I feel. I'm also an older worker, unemployed for 2+ years, some health issues, over-qualified for most jobs......it's hell, and no one cares. When people like Ben Stein say that we're all a bunch of losers, well, I guess we should do the world a favor and off ourselves. It's definitely an option and one that I'm keeping open. This letter hit too close to home.

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Where can I find the source

Where can I find the source of the 100 year study showing the relationship between conservative rule and an increased suicide rate?

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I've been wondering if the

I've been wondering if the letter is genuine, too, and I'm trying to figure out what that Zero Hedge website is all about. Apparently the posts there are anonymous and it's not the source of the letter, so who knows? In a way I hope it's not genuine because that means no one committed suicide. But it's all too probable that despair could drive someone to kill himself.

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Thom just called his guest a

Thom just called his guest a heartless son of a bitch, finally.  thank you thom and we will support  you when you call out these scumbags.

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Via HuffPo: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/michael-thornton/an-emotional-letter-from-_b_788653.html

The BBC article as well (while we're at it): http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/2263690.stm

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Zero-hedge is a business

Zero-hedge is a business oriented site that is very anti-federal debt - very anti-federal reserve - is one of the msot viewed business blogs on the web - it shows thru data daily that the ponzi scheme of the federal reserve is a disaster waiting to happen - endless debt will reach the endpoint in the next few years - and that point we'll get a bigger crash - as the currency fails and massive inflation hits- dragging the government with it - much of the site is not understandable if you don't have a degree in financing..... 

The zero hedge site does conclusively show that the federal debt -  now over 450 billion a year alone in interest -  is overwhelming.....

1. most projections show a big increase in federal debt in the next few years- and a larger and larger share of fed gov revenue going to simply pay the fed gov interest on that debt - meaning we'll get QE3... QE 4 ....QE5 etc -  as the only way to pay the interest on the debt is to print more money -  welcome weimar republic.....

2. it's becoming harder and harder to sell T-Bills in the amount needed to fund the federal deficit - currently around 40% of total federal spending - the chinese are going to physical gold and silver - not paper gold and silver - leading to a spread between the physical and paer prices of the metals.....

3. The Fed Reserve is the last resort -  they print money and buy t-bills with it to pay the interest and margin of fed spending not paid for w/ revenue-  pushing up inflation....

4. tax cuts for the rich and an ever increasing  war budget - where we spend over 5,000 per man woman and child in afganistan -  even though the average saleary is less than 10% of that shows the absurdity........ and where the war in iraq is supposedly over but we still have well over 150,000 contractors and 50,000 troops there......

and then Obama goes and names the predators to run his White House - I'm depressed also - but instead of killing myself I'm waiting for the protests and gathering nice baseball sized stones......

All the GAIN for the Vampire Predators and all the PAIN for the average working American is GUARANTEED with both the democrats and the republicans.......



both sites should be required reading.....................

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Thanks for the info on Zero

Thanks for the info on Zero Hedge. I don't understand a lot of it, but I read the post there about a 5-year scenario that has the commodities bubble starting to burst toward the end of this year. I think it's pretty obvious that this is the next speculation-driven bubble. Unfortunately, more people in third world countries will have to starve so the banksters and hedge fund managers can make more money. :(

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Found an earlier version of

Found an earlier version of this letter from Nov 29, 2010 at Huff Post


No other evidence whether genuine or not.


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Though I am not among the

Though I am not among the unemployed (crossing fingers and toes), I too felt that the letter was a little too close to home.  My husband is severely disabled, and in the last few years has declined steeply in his health.  It has fallen on me to be the breadwinner and caretaker and mother (of 4).  The feeling of being beaten down over and over until you feel you can't get up again is REAL!  The part about coming to peace with G-d and moving on has a soothing ring to it - and the fact that I almost find it soothing is the scary part.  Also knowing that, like you, I am not alone in feeling this is oddly disheartening - you know, the misery loves company adage.  Knowing there are others out there that could be feeling this same sense of despondency, well, leaves me feeling despondent.  I appreciate Thom putting it on in the hopes that there will be those out there who have some ideas I feel too crushed under the weight of it all to come up with myself.  Good luck and blessings to us all in tihs journey.

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If you have the

If you have the self-flagellating desire to read through all the comments at zerohedge, it appears that they tracked down the author and determined that he was still alive, and that whether the letter was completely genuine is questionable. The "discussion" that resulted developed into a kind of morality litmus test, or at least, what passes for one online.

The reason for my own suspicion about the piece was the fact that it manages to include just about every hot-button issue in one scenario, which is awfully convenient. Plus, it is so well written -- without any of the typos or errors one normally finds online -- that I am inclined to think it was written by a professional. My experience is that managers -- as this person claims to have been for 35 years -- do not usually write this well.

All of that said, the issues raised are genuine, but as one of the comments on the zerohedge site noted, the author appears to be clinically depressed. Which, of course, raises the additional issue of whether mental health treatment is readily available in our society. But with obvious questions about the letter's origins and legitimacy, I wish Thom had not chosen to make it a centerpiece of today's show, and I'm surprised he did. While it serves as a springboard for discussion, I don't think it is the definitive source of proof that people are being driven to suicide that Thom seems to make it out to be.

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While I did wonder at its

While I did wonder at its legitimacy, you are correct in that it opens the door for discussion of these issues.  And even as I listened and wondered as to that legitimacy, how it touched me was real and perhaps (and probably a big maybe) something like this, broadly discussed, could help humanize some people in charge.  That's the Pollyanna in me speaking.

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Somehow I think it is the

Somehow I think it is the work of a very creative writer trying to demonstrate where some people are at and a very good job at doing so.  More likely a person in that actual situation would be unable to demonstrate the coherency the letter suggests.  I think it is useful to flip people who are depressed into action by flipping them into anger.  If the nation were angry about this stuff thing indeed wound change quickly but we are surrounded by non-caring zombies who while they "have theirs" don't care about anyone else.  I'd love to see the conservative trash who believe that people are lazy to find themselves unemployed and broke.  Serves them right!