Wisconsin succeeds in peaceful protest

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I am exceedingly proud to report that the protesters getting out there, and getting active in Wisconsin have gotten a nod from the Madison police.


I've attended portions of the rally in Madison every day and have seen an amazing level of civil discourse.  There is such passion in the streets and in the capital.  Such emotion among those protesting the Walker bill.  But in Saturday's rally estimated at 60,000 people, not one arrest was made of members of either side.  By day those opposed to the bill organize marches, make signs, and promote peaceful protest around the capital.  By night they hold education seminars on peaceful protest and protester's rights.  The capital building is filled with signs promoting peaceful protest, sobriety, cleanliness, and courtesy amidst signs of protest against Walker's bill. 

The 24/7 volunteers organized teams of people to walk the capital building and grounds to clean up trash.  After all, who are we there for but the public servants.  What kind of support would it be to announce our support of their rights but then require the police and janitors to work harder to keep the peace and keep the capital clean?

Those who want to show support for the continuation of this unprecidented civil discourse can join us in the facebook group "Wisconsin for peaceful opposition to the Walker bill".

<a href="http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wisconsin-for-peaceful-opposition-to-the-Walker-Bill">Wisconsin for peaceful opposition to the Walker bill</a>


Terence Clark


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Okay, so it didn't like my HTML, let's try a straight URL


Terence Clark