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We can have democracy in this country or we can have great wealth in a few hands, but we can't have both. ~ Louis D. Brandeis

We're calling for a nation-wide sick-out, on March 30th! A work-stoppage might FINALLY get the point across that WE are the people who run this country, NOT the people with the money and the privilege! Let's see how they like it when things come to a screeching halt. No marching in the street. No fire-bombs. No rubber bullets. Just don't show up for work. Teachers, don't show up for school. Don't go shopping. Stay at home, and r ead a book! Take a walk to the park... do anything you want, except don't SPEND any money, or MAKE money for these thieves! What're they gonna do... come looking for three hundred and ten million people, and march us back to work or school? One way or another, we are going to get their attention!

The people who 'own' this country have created a situation where we are all so scared of our own shadows, that we don't even THINK about civil disobedience. We realize the gravity of people's situations all across this land... and we're thinking that this is a relatively safe way to vent some of that pressure. Without a 'safe' way to act out, we're afraid that when push DOES come to shove, it's not going to be pretty. Right now, our country is becoming like a pressure-cooker, and if that top blows, it's really going to be messy. It was thought that this is a fairly safe way to send a message without having anyone get hurt. If you can't join us in taking a day off, you can also participate by just not buying anything that day! In any event, if you find that you can't do either, be sure you still spread the word!

Remember... 'United We Stand, Divided We Beg!'

Items of Concern:

Repeal Constitutional Amendment legalizing “corporate person-hood” status (Citizens United) NOW!

Eliminate Corporate Welfare 'loop-holes' that allow corporations to pay less tax than the average private citizen NOW!

End extension of the Bush Tax Cuts for the ultra-rich NOW!

Halt exportation of American jobs to foreign countries NOW!

End Oil and coal industry subsidies NOW!

Eliminate EPA loopholes that allow 'fracking' NOW!

Close financial loopholes that promote fraud in our financial sector NOW!

Eliminate fraud and waste in military spending NOW!

Say NO to rampant gun lobbyists NOW!

Reject Koch Industries and Monsanto influences NOW!

Stop 'Open-Door' policies between government, lobbyists and Big Business NOW!

Repair broken Health Care, and curtail Health Insurance industry, and Big Pharma influences NOW!

Reduce excessive CO2 emissions affecting climate change NOW!

Establish REAL 'Green' jobs and ALL infrastructure jobs NOW!

Re-evaluate 'Most-favored Nation Status' countries who threaten our economic stability (e.g., China) NOW!

Raise insufficient Tariffs on foreign goods sold in this country (Tariffs were lowered or eliminated by Reagan in the 1980's) NOW!

Investigate and penalize corporations who are holding back job creation, in favor of giving their top execs BONUSES, NOW!

Enforce our food and water safety laws NOW!

Please join our virtual 'Event' at the following address:

Any questions?

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Jay Cross
Mar. 4, 2011 12:42 am

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