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...it is painful.

I like his thinking and the informative factual material he presents.  But my patience is wearing thin from the commericial contradictions coming out of my radio.  I listen to his radio show in the Seattle area.  His show is interrupted multiple times every hour sometimes for as long as 5 minutes by a barrage of fraudulent advertising promising all manner of things from skin goo that will make me look 10 years younger to snake oil that will make hair grow on a cueball, magic potions that'll give the Pope a stiffy, and wondrous advice that will cure teenage rebellion or my money back!  Given that I'm listening to a program that is dedicated to providing me with intelligent commentary on our society, I am puzzled and frustrated that Thom's insightful message is completely contrasted by a commercial assault of lies and attempts to defraud me dozens of times per hour.  This probably doesn't match the definition of hypocrisy but it feels very much like it.  How can T.H. declare for the ideals of truth and justice while accepting monetary support from the liars and crooks who sponsor his program?

As I said, it is very difficult to listen to his program on AM 1090 in Seattle.  I wonder if it is the same elsewhere?

Suggestion:  Why not take less profit for your programming thereby making it available to public radio?


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I hate the commercials too,

I hate the commercials too, but this is the least of our worries..  There are a host of other important issues we liberals need to address, and I feel complaining about the commercials will be a distraction.. 

I feel sure thom has no control over the commercials..  Funding to air the show must come from somewhere, and we liberals dont have the corproate money bankroll conservatives do, so commercials pay to send the show over the airwaves.. 

The least of our worries..  I believe there is no more public broadcasting..  bc the con's took away the funding..  PBS just signed on Ann Coulter (and we know what a conservative he is).. 

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Yar.  Liberal is as liberal

Yar.  Liberal is as liberal does and if liberal politics relies on fraudulent products to advance it's cause, I wonder what the outcome of that will be.

Now my thoughts run to the demographics of the people who are listening.  On one hand, I don't expect a lot of neo-cons are tuning in to T.H.  He is preaching to the choir to a large degree and, as he says, "helping you to win the water cooler wars."  Turning my attention to the folks to whom all this phony advertising is targetting, i.e. the Thom's listeners, I am severely challenged to imagine that anyone who understands what T.H. is saying on his show would ever buy any of the products advertised in his time slot.  And if they do, I despair for the liberal movement he is trying to instigate.

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Similar effects occur here in

Similar effects occur here in Albuquerque where Thom is broadcast on a Clear Channel station.  Because of the wall-of-sound effect of the ads (including ads for conservative causes) and the sketchiness of my AM radio (volume control dysfunction), I listen to Thom on the web through this site's home page.  Once can see the same effect with a conservative ad draped across all the liberal websites that accept ads from large vendors (Is Obama a Kenyan?, etc).   Another option is the podcast. 

Please remember Thom does not control the advertising on all the syndication stations across the US.  Also look and see if your station is either Citadel or Clear Channel, because if it is then that right-wing ownership explains the ads completely.  Recognize Thom's program as a breath of fresh air in this wall of corporate advertising that blares 24/7 from essentially all mainstream media outlets. 

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Because I like to listen to

Because I like to listen to Thom live rather than delayed 3 hours (as it is on the Chicago area stations - AM[1] and FM[3] - all same locally owned by an independent progressive), I listen / watch live from the site. I also recently acquired an Android-based smartphone, and another option if you have one of these devices is to watch via the ustream app. There are also streaming audio apps where you can stream a variety of stations that broadcast over the net, and with these, you can pick a station where the advertising content is more liberally slanted (i.e. Green 960 - via iheartradio app [by Clear Channel]). I see that Thom has an iPhone app, but since my phone is Android-based, I don't know what content is available via that.

Simply stated, there are many options to listen without the type of advertising in your local market.

UPDATE: A note about the iPhone app: Thom's audio is live via the free app: http://www.thomhartmann.com/forum/2011/03/now-available-thom-hartmann-iphone-app

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I have a podcast subscription

I have a podcast subscription too..  I forgot to mention; I pay so I dont have to hear the damn commercials..

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Funny thing is Thom's free

Funny thing is Thom's free stream is a couple seconds ahead of Green 960.  It used to be behind.  I listen on my Android phone when I go for my morning walk.   As for commercials Thom's lucky he hasn't been asked to read a commercial for Walmart.  I was also listening to Karel in the afternoon and though he didn't do a Walmart ad he did some other company that was a bit hilarious to here a progressive host read.

Advertisers by time in blocks and get a better deal if they puts on all Clear Channel stations.  That's why you hear Walmart ads on Thom's show where he pleads with you to "support our advertisers" after he's done a piece critical of Walmart.   When Green 960 started up they had spots selling ad time mentioning that liberal listeners were generally better educated and had higher incomes to attract advertisers looking for the market.  But it is amazing who you hear sponsoring shows.  Karel even got sponsorship from GCN who also sponsors Alex Jones.