AHAHAHAHA... Senator Harry Reid and the Patriot Act!

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Gotta' love those Democrats!  Heh, heh...  Can't believe that little 'Closet Weasel' REID helped pushed through Patriot Act and killed the 'ADDENDUMS'!  What a DOUCHE!  It goes without saying that DEMS are JUST as 'Clueless' as REPS when it comes to the Rights of American Citizens.  No one knew what was IN the BILL the FIRST time it was rolled out (way to go Georgie) way back when and now that they've had almost 10 YEARS to figure out that's it's a BAD THING, they still voted it IN!!  Hahahahaahh...  Crazy Man, just Crazy...  US Politicians are 'INSANE'.

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
('Benjamin Franklin')




Nah. Trolls tend to avoid the

Nah. Trolls tend to avoid the truth rather than exposing it..

Feel free to challenge his statements and note that personal attacks on posters are against forum rules.