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I was excited to hear on the radio this morning that there was a  smart phone app for the TH show, so when I got to work I went to this site and saw that it's for iPhone.   Is an app for Android in the works?  Pretty Please???


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 I second that and also put

 I second that and also put the request on the main show board a while back when they announced the iPhone app.  It's probably easier to do an Android app (I develop Android apps) than for the iPhone and there is no approval process to go through either.   I currently use XiiaLive and iHeartRadio to listen to the show on Android.  But you do know that Thom used to run an Apple dealership and so is sorta partial to the iPhone.


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YES! YES! I just got a new


I just got a new Android phone.

PLEASE give us a Hartmann Android app!

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Android is almost 50% of the

Android is almost 50% of the market now and growing.  Closed platforms will not win because open source is democratic.  But I swear that Apple probably pays for company apps.  Otherwise it makes no sense for major media companies, newspapers to lead first with iPhone when an Android app is cheaper to produce and needed updates don't have to wait for certification.   As for fragmentation most of these kinds of apps won't be effected, that's more an issue for games.


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I second that! Could we get

I second that! Could we get an android app please?

Kory Long
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I third that! I can't find

I third that! I can't find anyway to get my "TH",  progressive, fix on google market on my Android phone.

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Still no Android app for

Still no Android app for Thom's show?

You need more savvy Net people.

(Former Manager of Computer Operations at the largest real estate holder in the US.)

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 I think the problem is that

 I think the problem is that Thom is still beholdin' to Apple.  He was even a one time Apple dealer.  But Apple is just another big corporation and currently is showing poor judgement in changing their business plan from innovation to law suits.  

Their current battle with Samsung is silly.  Perhaps they ought to change the logo to a Gavel and name from Apple to Sue'm.  Android is now outselling iOS four-to-one.  I would bet more of Thom's listeners own Android devices (phones and tablets) over Apple.   And with Android you can buy unlocked phones and not have to be stuck with a carrier and contract for two years.  You can't do that with an iPhone.


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Thanks for your persistence

Thanks for your persistence captbebops, in multiple tries, to get through and make an Android app a reality. With Clear dropping KPOJ in Portland, it would be great to continue to stay informed. Somebody tagged me, said I was 'it'. But it's becoming harder to carry that torch.

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I use XiiaLive Pro and there

I use XiiaLive Pro and there is also a free version.  With that and probably other streaming apps you can navigate to Thom Listen Live page and select the MP3 stream and usually it will ask what app you want to use.   Then you can save link in the app too.  A lot of other shows use companies like AppMkr which can create both iPhone and Android apps.  Karel put together his own app with AppMkr.